Thursday, December 31, 2009

5 x 800 / 4 x 200

Objective: 5 x 800 @ 2:20 with 400 jog recovery then 4 x 200 at 30 sec with 200 jog recovery.

Keenyans: Me, Andy, Mark, Pete, Greg, Steve, Jarod and Jeff Goupil. Also some of the Keene High Boys (Kelsey, Alec, and Sam)

2:24 / 2:19 / 2:20 / 2:20 / 2:19
31 / 30 / 30 / 29

Overview: It was a great turnout for our group. I didn't feel like I was on during this workout and chased Pete and Mark most of the efforts. The road wasn't all of the way clear and there was some slippery spots which we had to run single track. It is still better than any other option. Afterwards we headed to Armadillos for a post workout treat. My next appearance will be this weekend at BU (my first indoor meet). I am still on the fence about what I will do but am leaning towards a 3k 1 mile double.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Workout Wednesday

Just a reminder that we will be meeting at the parking lot of the Savings Bank of Walpole on Marlboro Street in Keene at 3:15.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

MM 11 Team Keenya Represents

Jess and I headed over to Londonderry NH and met up with fellow Keenyan Peter Najem. Pete and I warmed up a few and did some striders. The weather was awesome (almost 50 deg). When the gun went off I couldn't do anything but watch Pete and a dash for casher take off. They both gained about 15 meters on me in less than 3 seconds. I just don't have that kind of velocity. I swear it took me to the first quarter to get to full speed. I got to the quarter in 59 seconds and the dasher pulled out. Now I found myself in second, chasing Pete and losing ground. This kid has got some wheels man. I pushed and tried to keep him from gaining on me and actually started to close in after the third quarter. But it was too late, not enough real estate. There was some confusion with the official results because Pete actually crossed the line in 4:01 and I was behind him in 4:05. Either way our Keenya Project represented well. The other half of our group went to BU for the indoor developmental meet. The results that I am aware of are:
Mark Miller - 3K 8:28 / mile 4:20
Greg Hammett - 800m 2:01 / mile 4:27
Bryan Johnston - 800m 2:13 / mile 4:49
I don't know what Andy ran yet
It was a good Holiday and a good day for me. I look forward to some more races. Here is the video link for the race:

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

8 x 400/ 4 x 200

Objective: Shake and wake things up for some racing this weekend. The plan was 8 x 400 followed by 4 x 200.

Recovery: 400 jog after the 400's and 200 jog after the 200's

Keenyans: Me, Andy, Mark, Greg, and Brian Johnson.

400's - 63 sec / 65 sec / 65 sec / 64 sec / 64 sec / 64 sec / 65 sec / 64 sec
200's - 29 sec / 29 sec / 29 sec / 28 sec

Overview: We meet at the usual spot in Keene. Not everyone that wanted to come could, simply because of the holiday and travel. In any case we still had a good turnout. We had a good 20 minute warm up and got right into it on Baker Street. I felt pretty relaxed and smooth until the second to last 400. My stomach started turning and I had to find a bathroom. Luckily Andy has access to a nearby facility. When I got back I was behind and had to do the last two reps by myself. After a 4 mile cool down Mark and his wife Mary invited us over for some homemade pizza. I wish I could have stayed but I was still and am still having issues with my stomach. Hope it fades soon. I am looking forward to this weekend racing somewhere.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Keenyans Meet Tuesday

Due to the Holiday later this week, we have decided to meet tomorrow at 3:15 at the Savings Bank of Walpole. Our intentions are to get things moving and find some leg speed for Sunday's Millennial Mile. Come ready to move!

3000m TT

Objective: 3000m TT in 7 degree windy/cold/miserable weather on the road.
Keenyans: Me, Peter, Mark, and Steve Chabot
Mark- 8:55
Me- 8:57
Pete- 8:59
Steve- 11:29

We finished up with 4 x 400 in 64/64/70/72

Overview: I have to be satisfied with the time trial even though I thought it would be much faster. After all it is a PR. The last time I ran a 3000 was in 1996, I was 16 years old and won the Vermont Div 1 State title in 9:04 (school record still standing). I think I am ready to try out my new wheels on a real track very soon. Working out with Mark and Pete is very exciting and I feel like we are drawing off of each others strengths. We are all going to benefit from these sessions.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Sarturday Workout

Tomorrow's workout will be at 9 am. We will meet at the Savings Bank of Walpole parking lot in Keene. Since Wednesday was shorter and faster, the focus for me is going to be more threshold. I plan on a 3000m time trial on Baker Street but am open to suggestions. Please come. Afterwards we can stop by Prime Roast to talk about our effort and enjoy a good cup of joe.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Drummer Hill

Objective: 10 x 300meter efforts at quarter mile time

Keenyans: This is a record, 12 athletes showed up to run up Drummer Hill. Where was everybody this summer when it was nice? Only in New England do people wait to single temperature digits to get active. Next week I am going to have a sign up sheet so I can give everyone proper recognition for their dedication.

Results: Only mine (I am trying to think of a way to show everyone's data; I bet DD has a way).

Overview: I can't express how excited I was to see so many runners show up. Wednesdays have turned into the highlight of my week. Anyway, this was my first Drummer Hill workout and it was tough. Some of the Keene State runners have done it more than once. Even though the 300 meter efforts were supposed to be similar to a 400 effort it felt much worse. My legs were heavier than I can ever remember and on the last two reps I actually got tunnel vision with some floaters (visual disco). The best part was afterwards when almost the whole crew went to Armadillos for some burritos and beer. We had fun sharing stories about past adventures and wild grizzly men that palm boulders and wrestle bears (you had to be there probably). The next project is a 3000m time trial Saturday for me. I will keep everyone posted on the time. Also, the time trial is for me and anyone else that would like to try it out. You can do what ever workout you want or just meet someone for an easy straight run. The point is to get together and do something you might not do on your own. I look forward to seeing more people next time and thank everyone for coming. Also, I think I should mention that anyone in a 51 mile radius should probably stop by Saturday.

USATF NE Athlete of the Month

BOSTON – Justin Fyffe, age 29 of East Dummerston, VT, who runs for the Central Mass Striders (CMS), has been named USA Track & Field – New England’s Athlete of the Month for November 2009. Fyffe was 2nd American and 9th overall at the I.A.U. World Trophy 50K championships in Gibraltar, running 3:15:02 on a very rugged course. On November 27, Justin also won the 31st annual 4.5 mile Cranberry Run in Keene, NH in 23:16. Fyffe has already demonstrated his versatility this year, as the overall men's winner of the 2009 USATF-New England's Grand Prix Road Racing Series. The series consists of seven events ranging in distance from the 5K to the marathon. Justin nailed down the Grand Prix victory by finishing 2nd in 2:28:15 at the BayState Marathon in Lowell on October 18. Justin's training supports this versatility. During heavy training periods, he averages 100 miles per week, but also incorporates speed work that focuses on mile repeats in some sessions, and fast 200s and 400s in other sessions. Fyffe was ranked 12th in the field at the World Trophy 50K championships and set two goals: 1) to finish in the top 10, and 2) to break his 50K personal best of 3:06. Local authorities forced a course change at the last minute when they decided not to close roads on what would have been a flat course. The substitute course included seven out and back loops over a steep hill. The circuit also included dozens of hairpin turns that affected runners' tempo and rhythm. Fyffe realized early that he would not be able to break his PB, but made the most of the conditions and felt that training in New England helped on the hills. He lead the chase pack in about 11th place through the middle of the race and was able to rally and move past two competitors late in the race to finish 9th. Fyffe was born in Vermont and starred in track and cross-country at Keene (NH) High School. After high school, he served five years in the U.S. Navy aboard the destroyer USS Thorn. While in the navy he stopped running, but returned in 2004 with high motivation and a determination to do his best. Fyffe's goals include running the New England Grand Prix series again and getting a qualifying time for the 2012 U.S. Men's Olympic Marathon Trials. Justin embraces running, saying, “running and competing complete me, I feel like the best person I can be when I'm training and racing”.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Workout 3:15pm

Keenyans should meet at the Savings Bank of Walpole's parking lot on Marlboro Street, Keene. Our intentions are to warmup easy and then hit Drummer Hill for some 300m repeats. Should be fun.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

4 X Mile/Sunday Long Run

Objective: 4 x Mile with full recovery (800 meters).
Keenyans: Mark Miller, Peter Najem, Dan Smith (Greater Boston TC), Me, Mason Mann, Alec Curan, and Nate Simmons.
Overview: I met up with Dan Smith of the Greater Boston Track Club in Chesterfield and then headed over to the Keene High Track. We waited for some of the Keene High Boys (Mason, Nate, and Alec) and then went to Marks house. After about a 20 minute warmup run Peter Najem shows up. He came directly from the Rec Center walk a thon with no sleep. We figured we give him a few striders and then get right into it. Our intentions were to hover around 5 minutes, which we did. It was a solid workout and I am pleased with the effort. We all went home, regrouped, cleaned up, and then headed back to Miller's for their Annual Christmas Party. Basically I got destroyed in Ping Pong by everyone then went home with my tail between my legs. It was a good time. Sunday morning Pete, Mark, and Jarod met me at my house for a long run. We did a Putney 16 at a manageable pace and then brewed some beer. It was my first time brewing a lager so we will have to wait to see how it comes out. This Wednesday we are going to be heading over to Drummer Hill do to some insane hill repeats. Look forward to seeing everyone.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Saturday Workout

Keenyans are meeting tomorrow morning at 10am for 4 x mile workout. If you are within a 50 mile radius of Keene you better be there. If you need directions let me know. My email is

Baker Street 200's

Objective: 10 x 200 @31 sec with 200 jog recovery.

Keenyans: Andy, Mark, Me, and Dave Cairns (His goal is to run 2:15 late winter at the Drake Relays. He will be 40.)


Overview: We met at 3:15 at the high school like usual. Andy and Dave showed up and we waited a few minutes for any stragglers and then headed over to Mark's house. He lives downtown and very close to Keene State's infamous measured Baker Street. After a 20 minute warm up we got right into it. These efforts felt really smooth and I was able to shift gears fairly well on the last 28 sec interval. Mark and I did these pretty much stride for stride with Andy just a fraction of a second behind. Dave, with whom we are all impressed by, was very close as well. He sat a few efforts out because he can't recover as fast as he would like. This will come over time. Afterwards, Andy, Mark, and I went for an extended warm down (7-8 miles). I was a bit out of my element doing some city running at night. I could get used to it. Mark also showed Andy and me the Holy Grail of hills (Fox Ave). Something tells me we will be there again. As Mark once said, "We are going to leave a lot of DNA up there". With my treadmill run in the morning I got in 16 for the day. We are going to get in some longer work this Saturday. It should be fun. I hope that we get a lot more people to show up.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

No Wednesday Workout

The usual Wednesday workout scheduled for this afternoon has been rescheduled to Thursday @ 3:15 ( Keene High School Alumni Field).

Saturday, December 5, 2009

800TT/Workout Results

It was a pretty good showing this morning on the track. We had 8 brave souls don their flats and put themselves out there. Unfortunately I only have the data from my performance and a few others. Anyway here is what I got.

Objective: 800 TT followed by 4 x 400 and 4 x 200.

800TT- 2:04 (PR)
4 x 400- 70 sec, 68 sec, 66 sec, 64 sec
4 x 200- 32 sec, 32 sec, 31 sec, 30 sec

Overview: I know that Mark Miller and Peter Najem went 2:02 with Mark just barely edging out Pete. I came in next in 2:04, followed by Keene High Athlete Mason Mann in 2:07. He just barely held off Greg Hammett in the final stretch who also finished in 2:07. The following workout seemed pretty comfortable, probably because I finally got some body heat. It was cold man. For the most part we all stuck together for these efforts. I met some new area runners who seemed interested in more gatherings. I hope to see them and more this Wednesday at Keene High Track @ 3:15. If not, maybe next Saturday.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

1st Annual Check Your Fitness 800 TT

This Saturday at 9 am we are having the 1st Annual Check Your Fitness 800 TT. It will be held at the Monadnock Track in Swanzey. Following the time trial we are going to have a 4x400/ 4x 200 workout. It should be a good time with runners from 2 minutes to 3 minutes. Please pass the word and better yet show up.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

2 X 2,2,4

Objective: 2 x 200, 200, 400 with full recovery (200 meter)
Keeneyans: Andy, Greg, Brian Johnson, Me
30.1 sec
30.1 sec
58.8 sec

29.9 sec
28.8 sec
59.9 sec
Overview: The focus was on speed. I just wanted to turn my legs over as fast as I could. I was surprised to hit 58 because I never have in my whole life. A 400m PR. Looking forward to seeing where this can go on the indoor track. I will probably start increasing my mileage next week. I am hoping to hover around 75 a week. By the way, Hammett's got some wheels!!!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

6 x 1000

Objective: 8 x 1000 @ 3:14
Keeneyans: Me and Greg
Overview: We didn't exercise much discipline for this workout. The goal was to get in some quality work without too much discomfort. Well, we ended up in "no man's" land. It wasn't killer and it wasn't easy. So.... I guess it was a mediocre workout. I think we are going to try and keep this schedule up of Wednesday/Saturday track stuff. The workouts are definitely going to be more aggressive eventually. I am having fun easing into it and feeling very healthy and ready for another push.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Track/Cranberry Run

Objective: 8 x 200 @ 32 secs with full recovery
Keeneyans: Andy, Greg, Sam Kent, Me
(Andy did 4 because he wanted to focus on his race on Thursday)
32 sec
33 sec
30 sec
32 sec
31 sec
32 sec
33 sec
31 sec
Overview: We accomplished what we wanted to do which was just stretch it out. The efforts were very easy and it felt good. I look forward to some more aggressive workouts soon.

Cranberry Run

I headed into Keene for the 31st Annual Cranberry Run. It was good to see a lot of the Keene High Boys show up to race the 4.5 miles. I think it was a record year for attendance with over 300 runners. A usual a few ambitious runners took it out at a blistering pace. I caught up to them about half a mile into the race and ran solo for the remainder of the coarse. I was really curious to see how I felt so I didn't hold anything back. This is the fastest I have run in over a month. I felt pretty good and think the 200's Wednesday helped out. In the end I finished in 23:16 (5:11 mpm). It is 11 seconds slower than last year but I am actually more pleased because of all the long races I have done recently. Starting to get motivated!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Day One

Today was my first day to get back on it. I was feeling very fatigued and unmotivated the last couple of weeks but allowed myself the break without that much guilt. I am going to ease into things and and hopefully be full force by the end of the year. I talked to some other Keeneyans and I think we should have a good group of guys with similar goals (indoors). The one I am most excited about is Greg Hammett. He wants to hit it hard and run a fast mile this winter. Andy and I will be leading the Wednesday workouts starting next week.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

50K World Trophy Championships

Jess and I headed to Bradley International Airport Wednesday night to catch our flight. We were greeted with what the associate called, "Bad news and worse news". First, our connector flight to Philly was 5 hours delayed and wouldn't be here until 9pm. OK, we can wait. The worse news is the flight from Philly leaves for Spain at 7pm. The only solution was to drive to Boston in rush hour traffic and catch a British Airways flight to London. We made it and got to Malaga Spain the next day. Unfortunately I didn't have time to inform anyone about the schedule change, so, although we were close, we were still a 2 hour car ride from Gibraltar with no car. We ended up paying 150 Euro to get to customs and another 10 do get to the Europa Retreat Center once we were in Gibraltar. We finally made it late Thursday night, extremely stressed and tired. We were taken to our room where we proceeded to sleep 13 hours straight.
We met the rest of the athletes at lunch the next day and waited around for the technical race meeting at 4pm. The government, at the last minute, pulled their endorsement for the 10 kilometer loop course and the race officials had to scramble and come up with "something". The solution was a 1km out and back and then 6 x 4km out and back along the shore line and piers.
Later that night we met in the Retreat Lounge to get a shuttle downtown for the opening ceremonies. All of the countries lined up behind a local Air Cadet and their countries placard. We marched into a gymnasium were seated and got to watch a local dance team put on a Micheal Jackson Tribute dance to Thriller. It was low key but very nice. Afterwards we had a pasta party with some good eats.
Okay, now to the important stuff. The race started at 2:30pm and it was very hot and humid. I went out pretty conservative, allowing the leaders to go out and have at it (Michael Wardian was attempting an AR). I took charge of the chase pack but soon found myself in no mans land. No matter, I can run alone. Which is what I did for about an hour and half. This is when I caught up to the Japanese runner (who went out like crazy early on). I figured he was done so I tried to surge past him. He wouldn't let go. I sped up, he sped up. I slowed down, he slowed down. It was obvious he wanted to go along for the ride. I pulled the train for another half hour when a Belgium runner joined us and quickly went on by. The Japanese guy went with him. So again, I was flying solo. But only for about 20 minutes. I took one of several blind hair pin turns and just about ran over the Japanese runner. He was hunched over and really letting it all out. He was done but wouldn't give up. He ended up walking most of the rest of the way.
The coarse was very difficult to navigate because we had to snake through construction and piers. Gibraltar by the way is not flat. There was a substantial climb that had to be trekked 7 times. I actually think I benefited from the coarse because I made most of my ground on the field on this climb. In the end everyone ran slower than they wanted. I figured I would be 10 to 15 minutes behind the leaders and that's where I was. I was ranked 12th going into the race and finished in 9th in 3:15:02 so I feel very good about the race. Thanks to Jess for crewing for Team USA.
Sunday Jess and I hiked up the rock. It felt good to get the race out of my legs. We saw all of the monkeys that live up there and the old forts and tunnels. It took most of the day to get up and down.
The trip was a complete blast. It was so cool to meet other runners and compete against them. Here are the top ten results:

1º Lucas, Nonyana 02 58 03 : :
2º Paul, Molineux 03 00 15 : :
3º Micheal, Wardian 03 00 56 : :
4º David, Kirkland 03 03 10 : :
5º Julian, Rendall 03 12 35 : :
6º Pieter, Vermeesch 03 13 40 : :
7º Hermans, Mokgodi 03 13 52 : :
8º Daniel, Oralek 03 14 16 : :
9º Justin, Fyffe 03 15 02 : :
10ºAndrea, Bernabei 03 15 10

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Shake Out

Objective: 8 X 200 @ 35-38 sec
Keeneyans: Me and the Keene High Boys
38 sec
37 sec
36 sec
35 sec
36 sec
35 sec
35 sec
35 sec
Overview: I did a 3 mile warm up and then hit the track with the JV X-C team. Today I took my first strides since Sunday (sore). It felt really good to turn them over. It worked out pretty well. The JV squad was taking it easy for the JV State meet Friday and I am on the mend. We also added on 12 X 100 striders before our stretch.  I feel good and hope the guys can really prove what I know they can do. This is their last chance this season. Let's go!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bay State Marathon

Well, needless to say the race didn't go the way I had planned. I knew it wasn't going to be the day to run a good time with the conditions being what they were. It was a fun day though I really wanted to stay with Joseph Koech and see how long I could hang I was surprised and worried that I seemed to be in control of the tempo very early on. Joseph and I were hovering around 5:35 pace for most of 16 miles (behind schedule). It was at the 16 mile split 5:38 that I realized he didn't want anything to do with a faster pace. Mile 17 was 5:40. My confidence grew. The 18 mile mark is what did it for me (5:41). I knew I was going to have to run my own race and I decided to go back under 5:30 pace. I quickly gapped the field and felt relatively comfortable through mile 24. I thought I had 2 minutes on second place and keyed it down to just bring it in. To my surprise Brandon Newbould flew by me like I was a back of the pack half marathoner at not the 25 mile mark, but the 1 mile to go mark. It took me a bit to realize what just happened and I quickly tried to catch up. My legs had a different plan. They had graciously adapted to the 6:10 pace I had ordered and weren't going to give me anything back. Kudos to Brandon for running a much more consist and race and finishing so well. I actually think the highlight of my day was being able to watch my friend and training partner, Andy McCarron finish in 2:29. He has been stuck at 2:30 for the last few attempts and really wanted this one. The look on his face said it all. I am also very excited to have been a part of the CMS championship marathon squad. I knew we could do it and it feels good. One more big race (50K Worlds)for me and I am going to take a few weeks off, reevaluate my goals for the upcoming year, and get ready for indoor and snowshoe season. Great job to all the finishers on a hard day! Here is an article on the race:

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Final Workout

Objective: 5 x mile @ goal marathon pace
Keeneyans: Me and Andy
Overview:  Obviously this workout was easy.  It was supposed to  boost confidence and hone down on the correct pace.  I was way too excited to hold back.  My true intensions are to hover around 5:28/5:30 mpm.  The money is in the bank.  I hope I invested well.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Never Give Up! Race for Angella

Sunday Jess and I headed into town to participate in the Race for Angella.  Angella is one of my friends and a dedicated runner who was diagnosed with lung cancer a few months ago.  She is a  Mountain Goat and is looking forward to skipping the lottery and running Mt Washington next year with her husband Clynt Joslyn.  Clynt's goal for the race was to run with me the first mile and then join his wife who was walking.  That's right.  She participated in the race.  This lady is crazy!  I was very impressed and it is awesome she is taking to treatment so well.  On a much less important note:  I felt light, fresh, and snappy.  The rest is paying off and it seems to be a green light for Bay State.  I hit all of my mile splits in aroung 4:55 or so.  The results say it was a four miler but it was actually 4.47 or so.  That's what I got on Map My Run and some other who had GPS.  Another week of rest.  Jess and I are heading down Saturday morning and staying at a Holiday Inn to get focussed.  See some of you there!  Results here:

Friday, October 9, 2009


I am spending the next couple of weeks focusing and taking it easy.  I have some stiffness in my right knee and hip flexor (IT Band?).  I am basically on 10 a day easy.  My last workout was Wednesday with Josh Ferenc @ Bellows Falls track (we ran into Tim Eno on the warmup). 
4 X 1200
I feel good and want to stay loose.  I am starting to get pretty worked up.  Let's Do This!!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Objective: 10.4 mile Keene State Loop with 1/2/3 minute efforts.
Recovery: Back off a bit for half of effort.  (very limited recovery).
Keeneyans: Me, Andy, Mark Miller
Result:  Mark and I finished the loop in 53:57.  We were bad hosts and Andy got lost. Don't worry he's pretty smart and found his way back to Mark's house.
Overview:  This workout was almost identical effort wise as "The Michigan".  I feel very strong and pleased to have a killer workout 4 days after Sunday's long run.  My legs responded when I needed them to push.  So far so good.  I am looking forward to Bay State big time.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Clarence DeMar Marathon

Jess and I headed into town a bit late this morning.  I didn't even realize that registration at Keene State closed at 7.  We arrived fashionably late at 7:13.  Too late, the RD was gone, the transport bus was gone, and I thought the worst.  We took our chances and headed to Gilsum for the start to try and ask forgiveness for our tardiness.  They were expecting me (I ran into the RD at Olive Garden earlier this week and said I would be there) and had a number and shirt.  Another surprise was that the race starts at 8:00, not 8:30.  Man, I really didn't have my stuff together this morning.  Once the gun went off (twice) George Adams and I settled into a manageble just under 6 mpm pace.  The first half of this course is down hill and can give you a false sence of strength.  George hung for about 12 miles and decided to back off ever so slightly.  I'm talking a few seconds per mile.  This guy is tough as nails.  He has more mental strength than anyone that I know.  He has a way of pushing past physical pain and locking into a mechanical rhythm.  Anyway, my goal for today was to run comfortably for most of the race and try to drop it the last two.  I have to keep in mind my goal race at Bay State.  I hovered around 6 minute pace though 24 and decided it was now or never.  I was pleased to finish the last two miles in 10:21 and have that extra gear.  I am ready for Oct 18. 
Besides George Adams' amazing performance was Kevin Gorman (who expressed interest in joining CMS).  His previous PR was 2:44 and he was hoping to at least be close to that.  Not only did he accomplish that he broke 2:40 by three clicks.  It was a pretty good day to run and I had fun talking to everyone afterwards about their efforts.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

4 X Mile

Objective: 4 x mile @ 5 minute pace
Recovery: 400 meters
Keeneyans: Me and Andy McCarron (Steve Chabot showed up later)
Result: (are you ready for this)
Overview: I was just plain tired. After the first effort I knew it wasn't going to happen today. The last 9 days or so have been pretty intense for me (two PR's). Two good races plus what I considered an awesome workout last Wednesday. So I am not discouraged. On another note, Andy probably had his finest workout this training cycle. He went 4:59/4:58/4:58/4:54. He also had a good race Sunday. The closer we get to Bay State the more I think CMS can take the Grand Prix. I also believe if everything goes right we can put three men under 2:30. It's going to be a good day for sure.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Lone Gull 10K

Jess and I had to get up pretty early for this one. It is a three hour drive without rushing. When we got to the race venue it was already after 8 and the traffic was backed up at least a half mile. I slowly went into panic mode. I need 30 minutes to warm-up and it didn't look like it was going to happen. It did. Thanks to Jess waiting in the registration line for me, I got in 3 or 4 before the race.
I decided again not to wear a watch. Just run up front and see what happens. I took charge early on and took everyone through in 4:47. I thought it to be a bit fast but Joseph Koech wanted to go faster. We lost him around here and never gained contact again. The race was going to be for second place. The chase pack was made up of the GTD squad (Dan Vassalo, Nick Wheeler, and Curtis Wheeler) myself and BAA's Will Dobbie. There was a lot of movement throughout the entire race. It seemed everyone wanted it although Dan seemed the strongest. He would serge every few minutes and we would have to respond. I responded by letting the pack go (creating about a 10 to 15 yard gap) and reeling them in after it was over and going up front. This was the theme the entire race until mile 6. It was a free for all mad sprint to the finish. We all finished within a few seconds but Dan took second. I ended up third with Will Dobbie fourth and the Wheeler boys 5th and 6th. Again, I am very pleased with my effort and feel the summer work is paying off. Today was a 10K PR (30:40) by almost two minutes. I am very excited for Bay State now and have to start and seriously consider my race plan. Next weekend I will be running Clarence Demar for a training run.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mile Repeats w/ some 8's

Objective: 3 x mile; 2 x 800; 2 x 400
Recovery: 400 jog in between efforts
Keeneyans: Andy McCarron and Me
x x x
x x x
Overview: My calves were screaming on the 800's. I thought it would be wise to skip the 400's. Andy agreed. He hit 4:53/4:51/4:53. I don't know what he did for the 8's but he felt good about the workout. I expect something great from him this Sunday.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Ollie Road Race

Today I met Mark Miller and his wife at their place in Keene. We headed down in the rain and hoped it would let up. It didn't before the start of the race but during it seemed to be quite manageable. I warmed up with the CMS crew and anxiously waited for the gun to go off. My goal today was to drop the watch again (I didn't want to know how fast or slow I was going), and run up front no matter who was up there and for as long as I could. At about a mile and a half in, Miller made a move going up the only hill on the course. I was surprised because he told me he was going to wait until mile three, but I guess he was excited. I couldn't believe how many people were in the lead pack. Even after the surge. As far as I could tell at least 30 people answered the call. By the time we hit a parking lot and hair pinned around a turn Joshep Koech made another move. This time it seemed to thin things out because we all lost contact with him and ended up in single file for a while. By 3.5 miles Me, Mark Miller, Mathew Kiplagat, and Patrick Mellea formed a chase pack. I tucked in behind Matthew and Patrick across the bridge and was able to avoid most of the wind. I felt like this was my chance to go for it and made my one and only move the whole race a little after the 4 mile mark. Unfortunately Patrick was ready. We pushed hard fighting each and reeling in the leader. It was going to be close. All three of us crossed the finish at almost the same time. Joseph held on and kept the lead and I couldn't stop Patrick from passing me at the very end. To me it was the most exciting finish I have ever been involved in. I wish the distance of the course wasn't screwed up, but I feel I ran as best I could and am still very excited to have run so fast (for me). Next up is the Lone Gull 10K.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Basic 4's and 2's

Objective: 10 x 400 w/ 200 jog rest. Then 4 x 200 w/ 200 jog rest.
Keeneyans: Me, Andy, and CMS newcomer Jim Lamereaux.
71 sec
68 sec
69 sec
67 sec
66 sec
67 sec
65 sec
64 sec
64 sec
62 sec
30 sec
30 sec
28 sec
26 sec
Overview: This workout was one of the easier ones I have done recently. I wanted to do something a bit shorter and quicker to wake things up. Looking forward to Ollie!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Swanzey Half Marathon

You could not have asked for a better day to run. It was fairly cool early in the morning and by the time the gun went off it was perfect. This course is advertised by the RD as Fast, Fast, Fast, but every year I feel differently. Don't get me wrong, I love the race and the course. I just feel it is not as "fast" as the people not racing it think it is. There is about a two mile section that they actually moved in 50 tons of dirt to dry out the rail road bed. This created a muddy, sandy, gravel section. Extremely fun to run in, but certainly not fast. Once you get out of that it is rolling and you can open it up a bit.
My goal coming into the race was to run comfortable at 5 seconds per milevfaster than marathon goal pace, cross the finish line (400 yards from Monadnock High Track), then do an all out mile. The objective was to see what my legs could do when they didn't want to do anything at all. I was confident I would stick to the plan all the way until the gun went off. What the hell happens when the gun goes off? I would really like to know. My first mile was 5:04. Idiot! I couldn't control myself until after 5K. At this point I realized it was not going to be as easy of a day as I thought it was. I turned my watch off and just decided to run on feel. I crossed the line in 1:09:23 (5:18 per mile pace), which is a PR for me and pleased. I think that no matter what happens you always feel you could have gone faster. Anyway, after a few minutes me and Andy McCarron headed over to the track, asked ourselves, "What the hell is wrong with us?", then proceeded to gut out an all out effort four times around track. I came in at 4:47 and I think Andy hit 5:08. It was hard but worth it. All in all it was a really good day and look forward to Ollie next week. Especially the Harpoon Beer!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Just the Two of Us

Objective: 6 x 800; 4 x 400
Recovery: 200 jog in between 8's, 400 jog in between 8 and 400, 200 jog in between 4's.
Keeneyans: Me and Andy
67 sec
66 sec
65 sec
62 sec
Overview: Glad it's over.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

"The Michigan"

Objective: I will try my best to describe this killer workout. The effort sessions are 1 mile, 1200, 800, 400 @ 5K pace. For "recovery" our goal was 1200 @ 10K pace. This workout was continuous and grueling.

Keeneyans: Andy (this was his idea), Me (I went along with it), Greg Hammett (showed up), Joel Fedorowitz, and the VP himself Steve Chabot.

1 mile 4:40
1200 3:52 (recovery on road)
1200 3:32
1200 3:48 (recovery on road)
800 2:23
1200 3:51 (recovery on road)
400 68 sec

Overview: I think this may have been the hardest workout that I have ever done. I was pretty much uncomfortable the entire time but managed to get through it. I am very glad that I did. To add salt to the wound, afterwards, I had Keene High Cross Country practice and paced a 17:30 5K time trial. All in all it was a good day but paid the price, because today I basically did a 10 mile shuffle through Putney. It was a recovery day for sure.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

50K World Trophy

Gistel, August 17th 2009

Dear Mr.Fyffe,

The IAU 50K World Trophy Final in Gibraltar, October 31st 2009.

This season you performed very well during the selection Race for the IAU 50K World Trophy in CAUMSETT (USA).

One of the results of this is that you are invited to run the Final Race of the IAU 50K World Trophy in Gibraltar on Saturday October 31st 2009.

We can offer you:

- Free accommodation, full board, for 5 nights

- A travel grant of minimum 450 Euro

o This amount is subject to an increase, depending upon the number of invited runners that take part in the event but it will not be less than listed here.

o This travel grant will be paid in Gibraltar.

o It’s up to you to make your reservation to fly over to Malaga (Spain) which is the nearest airport to Gibraltar.

May we ask you to answer us before August 31st if you accept this invitation or not. This will allow us to organize your accommodation or, in case you don’t accept it, to invite another athlete.
We hope to receive a positiveanswer of you one of these days,

Kindest regards,

Jan Vandendriessche

IAU Director of Organisations

I n t e r n a t i o n a l A s s o c i a t i o n o f U l t r a r u n n e r s
Under the Pat ronage of the Internat ional As soc iat ion of Athlet ic s Federat ions 1 7 , R u e P r i n c e s s e F l o r e s t i n e , 9 8 0 0 0 M O N A C O
w w w . i a u - u l t r ama r a t h o n . o r g

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

And Another One

Objective: 3 X mile w/ 2 minute recovery 4 X 400 with 200 jog recovery.
Keeneyans: Andy, Joel, Me, Bryce, Steve Chabot and his better half Erin.
70 sec
68 sec
66 sec
66 sec
Overview: I took today off from work to speak at the Monadnock Cross Country Running Camp about goal setting. It was very rewarding to see so many young people interested in running and wanting to find out more (the kids ranged from 6th grade to seniors in high school). I did an 11 mile run with the older kids and was surprised to see a high school sophomore female push a 6:30 pace and drop most of the guys. Expect great things from Chloe Meleski this cross season (her first now that we talked her out of soccer). She also ran a 5:04 mile in track this last season. After, I headed over to meet the Elm City Boys and knock out a workout. A pretty long day but way better than the office. Back to reality tomorrow.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Bridge of Flowers

I headed South this morning to run in the 31st Bridge of Flowers 10K. This a challenging course and the hill at mile 2 will really put the breaks on any tempo you have going. I have been training pretty well the past 5 weeks and felt it was time to test my wheels without any expectations. The plan was to go out conservative hold it for the climb and then let her loose. My slits were as follows:
6:25 (BIG HILL)
and some change for the last .2 miles.
Overall I am pretty excited about my effort. I actually tied my 10K PR with 32:19. I guess that means I should find an easier course to get in a good one while I can. CMS found 5 guys and we placed 3rd as a team and I finished 4th overall.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Short and Sweet

Objective: 8 continuous laps alternating 200m @ mile PR pace and 200m w/ 10 sec added on. I do not have a current PR but put myself around 4:20/4:25 range. We started with the slower 200 first so we could end on a fast note. My goal splits were 33 sec for the fast one and 43 sec for the slow one.
Keeneyans: Andy McCarron, Me, Clint Joslyn, Joel Fedorowitz, Steve Chabot, Erin ? (Steve's fiance), and some Keene High boys.
41.74 / 33.94
44.22 / 33.33
42.66 / 32.72
43.46 / 32.46
42.50 / 34.19
43.74 / 32.64
44.47 / 32.04
44.07 / 30.84
Overview: This workout was harder than I expected but very fun to do. I hope to run well this weekend at the Bridge of Flowers 10k.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Objective: 400/800/1200/1600/1200/800/400
Recovery: half of effort time
Keeneyans: Andy, BoJo, Me, Jeff Goulip, and some Keene High Boys
400- 72 sec
800- 2:29
1200- 3:42
1600- 4:55
1200- 3:42
800- 2:23
400- 63 sec
Overview: I wasn't sure who would show up today because of the down pour and lightning. A few soldiers braved the elements and risked safety for fitness. My kind of guys. Anyway, I feel that I am making progress and building. I am running higher mileage than I ever have before and still hitting the numbers I want in workouts. So steady as she goes.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Objective: 6 x 1000m
Recovery: 400 meter jog
Keeneyans: Mark Miller, Andy McCarron, Me, Erik Kress, Joel Fedorowizt, Bryan Johnson, and a few Keene High Boys
Overview: Another good showing. Mark blasted his last 1000 in 2:52, obviously on his way to getting back in shape. Andy said he felt a little flat today. It was definitely the heat. Besides he did great last week. I am pretty happy with my effort, considering my mileage. I think Bay State is going to be a good day. Back to easy miles for the rest of the week.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Objective: 4 X Mile w/ 400 recovery
Keeneyans: Andy McCarron, George Adams, Erik Kress, the Keene High Boys, and Me.
Overview: I didn't have much steam in the tank today. Yesterday's ten mile tempo with Josh, Greg, and some Keene State guys emptied it more than I expected. I still feel it was a good workout. My legs are still getting used to the new stress of added miles. Andy brought his "A" Game. He managed to hit all at 5:04 and went 5:03 on his last rep. Good job man!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Long Run

Keeneyans: George Adams, Wilson Perez, Josh Ferenc, Greg Hammett, Bryan Johnson, Erik Kress, and Me.
Goal: The goal was to meet at George's house in Gilsum, NH. He just finished blazing a trail a couple of days ago and wanted to test it out. He assured us it would be just under two hours. We were ready for that. However, the truth can be brutal. This run took us 2:40. No water, no fuel, and in the middle of the frickin' woods. It was awesome! I think today was a good start to Sunday long runs. I will probably stick to the roads next week. It is going to take a few to get over today's epic journey. And next time I meet George for a run I will probably be bringing a lunch box.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Elm City TC

Objective: 8 x 400 with 200 recovery.
Keeneyans: Andy McCarron, Mark Miller, George Adams, Greg Hammett, Bryan Johnson, Me, Erik Kress.
71 sec
68 sec
68 sec
68 sec
63 sec (Mark's idea, not mine)
66 sec
64 sec
59 sec (Mark and I had a battle)
Overview: This was the best Elm City turnout yet. It was very exciting to workout with all these guys. After our workout I stuck around for the community fun runs. My parents came and I challenged my dad to break 6 minutes. His mile PR is 5:49 and he said he is not in that kind of shape right now. I told him I would pace a 6 minute mile and coach him through it. Little did he know that I was setting him up(I had the watch). He finished in 5:48, a new PR and at 51 years old. Today was a good day.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Track Workout

Objective: 2 sets of 6 x 400
Recovery: 200 jog inbetween efforts and 400 jog inbetween sets
Keeneyans: Andy McCarron, Me, Erik Kress, and some Keene High Boys
Set 1_____Set 2

Overview: Still a bit stiff from the weekend. Still no racing. I will be WATCHING the 4 on the 4th in Keene on Sat and that's it.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Back to Basics

No More Racing. I am getting progressively slower. I am going to take the advice of some of my friends and just lay low for a few months and get back to basics (Lots of miles/killer workouts/Sunday long runs in Keene with the Keeneyans). 16 weeks until Bay State Marathon. Good Job to CMS at Cranmore. National Champs!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Elm City Track Workout

Objective: Pyramid-400/800/1600/800/400
Keeneyans: Wilson Perez, Andy McCarron, Me, and the Keene High Boys.
  • 71 sec
  • 2:24
  • 4:44
  • 2:20
  • 60 sec

Overview: Again, it is a lot of fun to get together with everybody and run like hell. I couldn't think of a better way to spend a Wednesday night. Mason Mann is still having problems with his calf (which bothers me a little because nobody knows what is wrong). Sam Kent is as focused and hard working as ever and I don't suspect I will see Chris Ager until the first day of practice in the fall. Afterwards Wilson and I headed to Armadillos for a burrito and a pint, good times. Oh yeah, I am paying the price for that core workout yesterday. I can't cough or sneeze or laugh without being reminded of all those crunches.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Mt. Washington

This race was pretty insane. Absolutely relentless. No breaks. No recovery. And nothing about speed. It is basically just all guts. The race started in rain and clouds, continues through it , and up over the weather. I finished 14th overall in a time of 68 minutes and 10 secs. During the race I was thinking that I will never again toe the line for another suffer fest. But I will. I will forget the pain and remember the view in a year's time. Afterwards I had fun talking with Dave Quintel and George Zack. GZ I found out has a fondness for beer that seems to match mine. We talked shop for a few and then Jess and I headed home. Next up: Cranmore. Here are the grueling splits from Sat. 6:48/8:26/8:45/9:06/9:43/9:36/9:31/7:13. This video clip of my last 18 secs pretty much sums up how I felt for everyone of those splits. My lovely wife took the shot.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Team Keeneya

Objective: 4 x 800; 4 x 400
Recovery: 400 jog between 8's; 200 jog between 4's
Keeneyans: Justin Fyffe, Josh Ferenc, Greg Hammett, Wilson Perez, and Andy McCarron
  • 2:22
  • 2:20
  • 2:22
  • 2:17
  • 70 sec
  • 69 sec
  • 67 sec
  • 61 sec (Josh and I are competetive)

Overwiew: It was awesome to get together with this outstanding group of athletes. We hope to continue and add more participants in the future. I feel good about the workout and can't wait for more. FYI- Greg coined the term Keeneyan.

Monday, June 15, 2009

USATF NE Trail Championships

Saturday, June 13th marked the New England Trail Championships. I got to the race the customary 1 hour prior to settle in and get a comfortable warm up. I was greeted by CMS teammate Greg Hammett and Josh Ferenc (Inov-8). We headed out and jogged the first couple of miles of the course. I knew the course pretty well as this was my third year in a row toeing the line. After Dave Dunham (RD) gave us some last minute instructions we were off. I found myself battling Eric Morse the first few miles until we started to climb and I gapped him. I felt very strong for the first time in awhile until the final push to the half way point and water stop. Josh (former USA Mt Team member)caught up to me and passed me. I had absoutely no answer for it and had to let him go. The next half of the race is basically a free fall and completely blew up my quads. I held off Andy Mcarron (CMS) who was gaining on me on the descent and Eric Morse for a 2nd place finish in a time of 37:03. This was 13 seconds slower than last year (still working things out). I am optomistic my recovery is coming along although it is much slower than I want and look forward to Mount Washington next weekend.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

3 X 1000m

Objective: 3 X 1K @ 2:58
Recovery: 2 minutes
  1. 2:57
  2. 2:56
  3. 2:52

Overwiew: I did this very quick workout with Josh Ferenc. We did a 1.5 mile w/u and c/d. Each rep had probably 2:30 rest because we kept chatting with Coach Goldsmith. I aslo did a few miles after Josh left to hopefully buy a house.

Monday, June 8, 2009


Yesterday was a good day although I raced really slow. The drive was pleasant and went by quickly. My legs feel good for the first time in two weeks (not during the race but afterwards). I think the 5K shook out everything I wanted to get rid of. Monday marks the first day of the next training cycle. My goal right now is to focus on Mt Cranmore. I don't have much else to say because I didn't really do much. Good job to the rest of the CMS guys and sorry for the poor race. Last time, I promise... yeah right. Up next Northfield!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Basic 200's

Objective: 3 sets of 3 x 200 @ 30 secs
Recovery: 200 jog between reps and 400 jog between sets
Set One
Set Two
Set Three
Overview: I did a 5:58 w/u mile and a 5:54 c/d mile. I felt pretty good during this workout. The duration seemed easy compared to the 5 x mile workouts but the leg speed just is not there yet. I will continue to increase my intensity to find it. I am pleased with my effort and look forward to some shorter races. I also went for a 5 mile trot with the Keene High Boys. Next up: Rhody 5K!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Pack Monadnock

This was my first mountain race of the season. I was nervous going into it due do the fact that it has only been 7 days since my 2:27:32 marathon effort. I have been taking it easy and felt I should give it a shot. I felt surprisingly good early on in the race until about mile 7 where I simply ran out of gas and went into survival mode. I actually felt a little nauseous entering the auto road. My body was realizing what I was about to put it through. A couple of nervous gags later and I was headed up the steep climb and up to 30% grade. In the end I took about 3 minutes off of my time from the previous year and think once I shake out this marathon I should have my wheels back. My effort produced the 26th fastest time on Dave Dunham's record of the all time list and third place for the day. Central Mass Strider's Open and Masters teams placed first in each of their divisions. Here are my splits, although slightly irrelevant in a mountain race (but interesting):
9:22 (yeah that's right!)

Friday, May 29, 2009

Shake Out/Schedule

Yesterday I did a 5 mile shake out and felt pretty flat. I intend to take it easy a couple more days and try to run well on Sunday at Pack Monadnock. Mentally I am ready for the hills and some faster paced racing but will have to listen to my body and just be patient (something that does not come naturally for me). I have decided instead of a track workout next Wednesday I will give the Hollis Fast 5K a shot. I suspect the fast course may give me some confidence and hopefully good prep for Rhody.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

2010 Mt. Washington Lottery Bypass in return for providing rides for 2 Cranmore athletes

Bob Teschek has generously offered a spot for the 2010 Mt. Washington Lottery to someone who will pick up and return 2 Mexican athletes at the airport for the 2009 Cranmore Hill Climb. Most likely the 2 athletes will be coming in on Thursday or Friday June 25th or 26th and then returning to Boston on June 28th or 29th. If you are interested or know someone who is interested, please email me at for complete details. It's on a first come first served basis.

Thanks in Advance,
Paul Kirsh

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tops in the State: Fyffe, Knapp Lead Vt. Contingent

By JAMES BIGGAM Staff Writer - Published: May 26, 2009\

BURLINGTON — For Justin Fyffe and Alexandra Knapp, local bragging rights and checks for $500 were sweet cherries on top of the 21st KeyBank Vermont City Marathon Sunday.Fyffe, a 29-year-old from East Dummerston, was the fastest male Vermonter in 2 hours, 27 minutes, 32 seconds, good enough to beat the old mark by more than 10 minutes. Knapp ran her second-ever marathon in 3:02:37, making the 24-year-old from Shelburne the top finisher from the Green Mountain State.The honor wasn't a huge shock to Fyffe, who placed fifth overall Sunday after logging roughly 100 miles per week for the last eight months. He did shave more than 20 minutes off his 2007 VCM result, but that potential was clear after a huge training load and a second-place finish at the U.S. 50-kilometer Championship on March 1."Three weeks ago I did a 16-mile tempo run at a 5:28 (per mile) pace just to make sure I had everything," said Fyffe, who ran 6 miles to and from his workplace at the Bradford Machine Company all winter. "When you do those workouts, you pretty much know where your fitness level is at. I was in control of the pace, I felt good and I knew it was going to be a good day if the weather was good and I was rested."According to Fyffe, the highlight of Sunday's race was the group of Taiko drummers playing at the base of Battery Street hill before the 15-mile mark."The drums were insane," he said. "They get into the rhythm of your stride and it's hard not to synch up with them."Fyffe averaged a pace of 5:38 each mile after running the first mile too slow (5:50) and the second mile too fast (5:19). He went through the 10-mile mark in 55:37, reached the half-marathon mark in 1:13:16 and logged a time of 1:52:07through the first 20 miles."For me, I generally feel pretty strong and it's almost like doing time up to about 18 or 19 miles," Fyffe said. "And that's when things start to sink in, because you're feeling pretty strong but you still have 6 or 7 miles left to go. At least for me, mentally and physically, around 20 is where I start to break down. And that's where training really works in — all those high-mileage weeks really pay off and carry you through there. Because it gets pretty tough at that point."Knapp only started training in March for Sunday's race and adhered mostly to a "go-on-how-you-feel" running plan while finishing her first year of law school at Cornell. She had never run more than 10 miles prior to racing the 2007 Sugarloaf Marathon, where she made the mistake of not eating or drinking anything and finished in 3:45.On Sunday, Knapp drank water at every other food stop and also ate four energy gels to maintain her energy."I was expecting the first mile I'd go out way too fast with the crowds, but I actually went out way too slow by mistake," she said. "It was a 7:20 (split) and I thought it would be more like a 6-minute mile, so I was really surprised. But then there were two people that I followed for a while and I just keyed off different people throughout the race.I felt pretty good at just under a 7-minue pace, so I decided to stick with that. At about 18 (miles) I thought it looked like I might be able to break 3 hours, so I was aiming toward that, and then at around 22 my legs were starting to cramp and seize. So I re-evaluated things and just tried to finish the best I could."Knapp hit the 10-mile mark in 1:08:28, crossed the half-marathon mark in 1:30:09 and took 2:17:28 to reach 20 miles. Her average of 6:58 per mile was fast enough to edge Kathy Provencher of Waterbury (3:09:15) for the top Vermonter prize.Looking ahead to next year, Knapp now has a new goal to shoot for: breaking a 3-hour marathon time.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Vermont City Marathon

Goal: 2:28:00

Result: 2:27:32 (5:37 pace)


1-5:51 2-5:20
3-5:25 4-5:27
5-5:30 6-5:32
7-5:32 8-5:46
9-5:39 10-5:30
11-5:43 12-5:43
13-5:36 14-5:38
15-5:44 16-5:40
17-5:34 18-5:41
19-5:33 20-5:31
21-5:35 22-5:39
23-5:48 24-5:50
25-5:42 26-5:40
Overview: I can't complain about much. The weather was perfect and I met my goal. Now I just have to raise the bar a bit higher for Bay State this fall.

E. Dummerston Resident's Effort Produces Vt. Record

By Alex Abrami, Free Press Staff Writer • May 25, 2009

Four years ago, Justin Fyffe ran his first marathon in 3 hours and 38 minutes.“It was the most painful experience in my entire life,” the East Dummerston resident said.Fast-forward to Sunday’s KeyBank Vermont City Marathon where the 29-year-old, running in his 12th 26.2-miler, exercised personal demons. Fyffe, in crossing the line as the first Vermonter, ran a 13-minute personal best time of 2:27:32.

“I trained really hard for this race. I increased my mileage to 100 per week and I’ve been doing some speed workouts,” Fyffe said. “It’s paid off and I attribute that work to the 13 minutes.”Fyffe has steadily churned out better performances in the last four years. As he remembered his first marathon — “Instead of beating me down, I’m going to beat this marathon if it’s the last thing I do,” — there was no looking back.While a 2:40 time in a New Hampshire marathon last fall gave Fyffe confidence, the cool temperatures and rainy weather set the stage for a record-breaking run. Fyffe’s time was the fastest by a Vermonter in VCM’s 21-year history.
“I knew it was going to be a good day at the halfway point (1:13),” said Fyffe, a North Country Union High School graduate. “I felt in control of the pace, the overcast (weather) was ideal running for me."
“I felt like I owned the marathon, instead of the marathon owning me.”

Sunday, May 17, 2009

12K Champs

Goal: Sub 38 minutes (5:05 pace)
Result: 38:19 (5:09 pace)
Overview: It was a lot of fun to see the CMS guys. It's great to be a part of such a good team. We placed third at the race and for the moment we are tied for first in the Grand Prix with BAA. I feel pretty good about my race. I wanted to go out fast to see what would happen. Fast it was! The only split I have is the "official" mile one split (4:48). I REALLY have to race smarter. I know I could have gotten more out of it if I was more conservative. But you can't be aggressive and conservative at the same time. I placed 4th overall, third in the open class, and am temporarily in second place in the Grand Prix. Next up, VCM!
Thanks for the picture Double-J

Thursday, May 7, 2009

B-Day Track Work Out

Objective: 5 x mile with 400 jog recovery @ 4:50
1- 4:57
2- 4:57
3- 4:52
4- 4:49
5- 4:47

All efforts had a 400 jog recovery inbetween (no more than 2:20 for jog).

Overwiew: I am pleased with my effort. I managed to be disciplined enough to go slow on the first couple, which is hard for me to do. Maybe this skill comes with old age? As the workout progressed I felt stronger. This should be my last "workout" before VCM.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Track Workout 4/30

Objective: 3 x mile @ 4:50


mile 1- 4:44 (whoopsies)

mile 2- 4:51 (that's more like it)

mile 3- 4:56 (shouldn't have done the first one so fast)

Notes: I liked this workout. I would be more excited if the times were reversed and I finished with 4:44. It was a solo effort and I ALWAYS go out too fast unless I am with a more reasonable person.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Track Workout

Objective: 4x mile @ 5:00 (with Josh Ferenc @ Bellows Falls Track)

Outcome: 4 mile warmup @ 6:00 pace

Mile 1: 5:03 w/ 800 rest

Mile 2: 5:02 w/ 800 rest

Mile 3: 4:54 w/ 800 rest

Mile 4: 4:51 w/ stretch and "active recovery"

4 mile cool down

Overview: I feel ok about this workout. I think if I planned my week better I could have gotten more out of this workout. Yesterday I did an 18 mile straight run averaging 6:08 mpm and I could feel it on the track today. Tomorrow will be easy.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Tempo Run

Objective: 2 mile warm up/16 mile tempo @5:40/ 2 mile cool down.

Result: 16 miles 1:27:52 (5:29 pace)
I felt very strong during this run and am very pleased with the results. I was able to attack the hills that I encountered, maintain my effort past the crest, and recover on the back side. To have this kind of control was a lot of fun. My slowest split was 5:44 (hill) and my fasted split was 5:17. My last two miles were in 10:35 (that was tough).

Weekly Goal: I have to get my mileage up over 100 for the next few weeks. I need the volume to be able to race well at Vermont City.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Track Workout

Objective: 4x 400/300/200/100 with 100 meter jog recovery inbetween efforts and 400 meter job inbetween sets.
Set One:
400 in 63.8 sec
300 in 47.3 sec
200 in 32.8 sec
100 in 13.4 sec (yeah!)

Set Two:
400 in 63.4 sec
300 in 48.2 sec
200 in 33.1 sec
100 in 14.1 sec

Set Three:
400 in 64.5 sec
300 in 48.7 sec
200 in 33. 4 sec
100 in 14.3 sec

Set Four:
400 in 65.7 sec (that was tough!)
300 in 47.6 sec
200 in 32.9 sec
100 in 13.2 sec (that was fun!)
Overview: I think it was a good workout and it felt good to have some leg turnover. I think that I am closer to one of my 2009 goals of getting in under 15 minutes for the 5k. I am going to attempt this in Burlington on May 2 (on the track).

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Keene High Track Workout

Weather: Perfect, low 60's w/sun.

Workout: 8x 300 in 48sec (200 rest), 200 in 32sec (200 rest), 100 in 16 (200 rest).

Notes: We hit the splits for the first four sets and realized they were a bit too aggressive this early on in the season. The last four sets we added two seconds to every 100 meters. This was much more manageable. We also had a 1.5 mile warm up and 1.5 mile cool down. Overall I am pretty excited to have done such a quality workout with the guys and have them hang for it's entirety. They were working outside of their comfort zone for the first time this year and toughed it out.The winter conditioning is paying off, they are realizing it, and the season should reflect it.

Predictions: At least two, maybe three runners under 2 minutes for the 800 meters. Most of the guys under 2:10. As for the milers I suspect most will be in the 4:40-4:50 range. This would be a huge improvement from last year and I think they can do it.

Quote: "I will never be THE best, but I will always strive to be MY best."

Monday, March 30, 2009

Westerling sets record at Gilmanton 5K

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Alan MacRae/for the Citizen Heidi Westerling takes on the final stretch of the Gilmanton 5K Road Race and Walk Saturday. Westerling's time of 17:34 set a female record for the 11th-year event.

GILMANTON — The weather was cool but dry, perfect for a run. And the field for the 11th annual Gilmanton 5K Road Race and Walk was the event's biggest yet, featuring more than 360 participants. So it was fitting when two newcomers broke the tape Saturday morning. Heidi Westerling set a new course record for women, cracking Mary Proulx's top time of 18:18 set in 2006, and Vermont's Justin Fyffe surged away from the field on the final 200-meter straightaway to take first place overall in 16 minutes, 8 seconds. Westerling, an Acworth native who won the New Bedford Half (Mass.) Marathon just two weekends ago, was never threatened on her first jaunt around Gilmanton's hilly, 52-meter road course. The 28-year-old's record-setting mark of 17 minutes, 34 seconds was a breezy 1:20 ahead of Proulx (Ashland), who took second in 18:54. "It's an interesting course," said Westerling, who drove around the loop with some friends before Saturday's race to get a feel for it. "I just wanted to come and see what I could do for a 5K on it. ... I knew what to expect."While Westerling was on cruise control from the first corner on, the top-five men were locked in a tussle for first place overall. The real racing started as the course, which opens with a 1.5-mile decent down Route 140, switched to a dirt road with a steady incline. The lead changed three times during the climb, with fourth-place finisher Wilson Perez and Mascenic Regional High senior Job Christiansen each stepping ahead of Fyffe. It was the 30-year-old Perez out front as the pack curled right onto Currier Hill Road. "The first mile and a half was really steep down," said Fyffe, 28. "It was really fast, a fast turnover. My feet were pounding pretty hard."When we got to the dirt road everybody slowed down quite a bit. It's a really steep hill."And the long hill caught Fyffe, who had never seen the course before Saturday, by surprise."I just shot it from the hip," he said. He had the freshest legs during the course's most grueling stretch. Perez backed off about a quarter of the way up the hill and Christiansen stormed ahead of Fyffe to take a brief lead. But Fyffe never let the 18-year-old out of his sight, sticking with him and catching him as the hill crested and turned to a level sprint to the finish line. "We were kind of going back and forth for a while, I guess," Christiansen said.With a final burst down Cat Alley, the race's final leg, Fyffe broke the tape without a competitor on his tail. Christiansen (16:14) finished six seconds later, followed by New Hampton native Justin Freeman (16:16), Perez (16:21) and Chris Mahoney (16:24)."I kept the surge going for a few hundred yards after the hill," Fyffe said, "and (Christiansen) was kind of done at the hill. I think that's what made the difference."Vermont's Stephanie Westcott (19:10), 15-year-old Jacy Christiansen (19:33) and Heather Ann Searles (19:59) placed third through fifth, respectively, in the women's field. Ann Rasmussen, a veteran local runner from Plymouth, took sixth at 20:58. The event nearly doubled in numbers compared to last year's icy trek. A field of 210 runners braved wind, ice and temperatures in the low 20s last March to celebrate the race's 10th anniversary."This is by far the deepest field you will ever see," Race Director Scott Clark said. Clark, the Sant Bani School track coach and a Gilmanton native, finished the race third in his 40 to 49 age group in a crisp 17:29.Lakes Region runners of all ages turned in top times Saturday.Clark was fourth and Alton's John Tuttle (19:17) was eighth in the men's masters group. Rasmussen topped the women's masters field with Meredith's Mary Gosling (23:45) fifth and Laconia's Sara Rosenbloom (24:38) ninth.In the youngsters group, ages 14 and under, Franklin's Morgan Mason (25:31) was fourth and Tilton's Sloane Frederick (30:11) was ninth for girls; Alton's Drew Tuttle (19:33), Gilmanton's Peter Howe (20:32), Northfield's Michael Roy (23:29), Thornton's Kyle Hodges, Gilmanton's Mitchell Filion and Northfield native Marc Roy all placed in the top 10 for the boys' 14 and under group.Gilmanton natives Taylor Clark (24:37) and Lynsey Tyler (24:45) took fourth and fifth, respectively, in the girls 15-19 range, followed closely by West Thornton's Lisa Cash (26:27) and New Hampton's Lauren Bergeron (26:55); Wolfeboro's Max Thomas took finished third in the boys 15 to 19 group in 18:53.In the female 20 to 29 group, Campton's Corrine Schlabach (24:06) took fourth and Center Harbor's Ashley Bener (30:55) was 10th. Andover's Sarah Lester (24:42), Sandwich's Jennifer Marks (26:20) and Northfield's Michelle Bohler (26:50) placed third through fifth, respectively, in the female 30 to 39 group, while Holderness native Ben Savage (20:52) took 10th in the men's range.Gosling was third in the female 40 to 49 group, while Doug Gosling (21:18) and Alton's Alan Barrett were seventh and ninth, respectively, on the men's side. In the 50 to 59 bracket, Rosenbloom was fourth and Danbury's Gail Bliss (28:30) was 10th among women; Tuttle was second, Center Sandwich native Steve Olatsen (22:31) was eighth, Sanbornton's Franz Vail (22:37) was ninth and Gilford's Steven Snow (23:47) was 10th for the men.The local standouts were rounded out by eight male runners aged over 60. Holderness' Eugene Fahey (22:54) was second in the 60 to 69 group. Meredith's James Miller (27:04) was fourth, with Alexandria's Earl Mills (28:38), Sanbornton's Robert Schongalla (28:38), Tilton's Don Shaw (29:01), Belmont's Ray Dbouin (29:35) and Sanbornton's David Adams (29:46) rounding out spots six through 10.Franklin native Terrance Humphrey, 71, took first place in the 70 and over division, finishing in 30:22.
Alan MacRae photo Justin Fyffe, front, pulls away from the pack in the closing moments of Saturday's Gilmanton 5K Road Race and Walk. Fyffe was the first place overall finisher at 16 minutes, 8 seconds.