Thursday, January 28, 2010

16 x 400

Objective: 2 Sets of 8 x 400 (68 sec)

Recovery: 400 jog in between efforts and 4 minutes in between sets.

Keenyans: Me, Andy, Mark, Greg, BOJO, James. The Keene State team was in action too.


70 / 68 / 68 / 67 / 67 / 67 / 66 / 66
66 / 67 / 67 / 68 / 65 / 68 / 66 / 64

Overview: Greg and BoJo did 8 x 400. They are racing at Terrier this weekend and wanted to be fresh. James mustered the strength for 12 x 400 at around 1:24. Mark did his own workout with Peter Najem but ended up with some hamstring issues. Hopefully it's OK. Andy and I wanted to do something longer since we are in full marathon mode. The first set seemed very manageable. Things got tough towards the end. I like these longer workouts and feel motivated afterwards. I feel my fitness coming and it's awesome. Afterwards some of us headed to Miller's for some of Mary's pasta and some extremely juvenile conversation. So much fun. My cheeks were just as sore from laughing as my legs were from running. Until next week!

**I just wanted to add that in a couple of months I hope to do this same workout with only full time recovery (instead of full distance recovery).**

Monday, January 25, 2010

BP 16 / ECTC Weekend

Boston Prep 16 Miler:
Jess convinced me late Saturday night to run the BP 16. Initially I wasn't going to be able to race but things opened up. Because the registration was closed I had to contact Dave Breeden (RD) and see if they could squeeze me in. It was there highest turnout but he manged to get me in. When I got there I saw fellow Keenyan, Andy McCarron, and road ace, Pat Moulton. I ran with Pat for about 1.5 miles and had to let him go. He is much stronger than me and had to run solo most of the race, knowing Andy was right behind me waiting for the kill. The course is extremely difficult. It is hard to get into a rhythm because of all the up and downs. My splits ranged from 4:59 (last mile) to 5:55 (mile 11) and I averaged 5:30 for the race. I am glad I went and I feel good about me effort considering it is early on in my cycle. My friend Steve Chabot had a good showing averaging 6:45 pace for the first 10 and busting up at the vertical wall. He was discouraged until he found out that everybody busted up at mile 10/11/12. Andy ran consistent and strong as usual. I wouldn't expect anything else from him.
We also had some other members of our distance project running all over New England. Here are some of the performances:

Boston Prep 16:

Justin Fyffe 1:27:57 (5:30 pace)
Andy McCarron 1:31: 04 (5:42 pace)
Steve Chabot 2:02:20 (7:39 pace)

Greater Boston Invite

1 mile
Mark Miller 4:10

University of Rhode Island Track Meet

1 mile
Greg Hammett 4:28
Bryan Johnston 4:49

800 meter
Greg Hammett 2:06
Bryan Johnston 2:12

Thursday, January 21, 2010

4 x Mile

Objective: 4 x mile (5 minutes with 400 jog recovery)

Keenyans: Me, Andy, Greg, Mark, Bryan, and James


4:52 /4:52 / 4:50 / 4:45

Overview: Not everyone did the same workout today. Bryan, Mark, and Greg did an 800 with some 400's to follow. They wanted to run fast. James decided he wanted to do 4 x 800. He hit is target times and hovered around 3:00. Good job. Andy and I did 4 x mile and wanted to keep it close to 5 minute pace. Andy was right around there I think (plus or minus a sec). I felt really good about my effort and needed something to get me motivated. Afterwards another fun stop at Armadillos.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

10 Mile Tempo

Objective: 13 mile tempo (6 minute pace)
Keenyans: Me, Andy, and Mark (Greg and BOJO headed to Summit Ridge for mile repeats)
10 mile progression starting out at 5:55 pace

Mark 55:00
Me 55:30
Andy 56:00

Overview: This was the longest workout any of us have done in a while and it felt good. I for one am pretty motivated and ready to shift gears a bit towards some longer races. Afterwards we headed to Armadillos like usual. After talking I think the Greylock Snowshoe race is going to be loaded this weekend. The field is going to be deep! I wish I could go. Also Andy is the Race Director for an upcoming event. Everyone should go. Especially anyone in the area.

Smith College Track Meet

Objective: Shake out the winter legs for some of the Keene High Boys.
Keenyans: Me, Kelcy Smith, Mason Mann, Nate Simmons, and Alec Curran

200 m
Kelcey 24.4 sec

400 m
Nate 54.8

800 m
Mason 2:15
Alec 2:17

1 mile
Me 4:30

Overview: I think it was a long night and we all could have run better. It was a good wake up.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

4 x 800 / 400

Objective: 4 x 800/400 with 400 recovery in between.

Keenyans: Me, Andy, Mark, James Callaway, Dave Cairns

2:17 / 66 sec
2:17 / 64 sec
2:17 / 64 sec
2:17 / 63 sec

Overview: There was some confusion about how we were supposed to execute these efforts. We figured it out and ran an 800 meter effort with 400 jog recovery. Then hit up a 400 effort with another 400 recovery. This was one set. I found it to be very difficult. I was consistency 2-3 seconds behind Mark on the 800's and 1-2 behind on the 400's. I am glad for the people who showed up. Afterwards Mark's wife Mary made us dinner. It was good to chat and brainstorm about our marathon plan for VCM. This weekend most of the Keene crew is headed to Dartmouth. I am headed to Smith College with the Keene High boys to see how their winter has been going.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

BU Mini Meet

Keenyans: Me, Greg, Pete, Jarod, Tim, BOJO, Dave, Haley, and Jeff Goupil.

800 Meter
najem, peter Keenya 1:58.48
fyffe, justin Keenya 2:02.22 (PR)
hammett, greg Keenya 2:04.10
johnston, bryan Keenya 2:10.32 (PR) *** Race of the Day ***
berube, david Keenya 2:11.38
goupil, jeff Keenya 2:13.38
samuel, jared Keenya 2:14.70
pipp, timothy Keenya 2:15.96
lyndstone, haley Keenya 2:28.68

1 Mile
fyffe, justin Keenya 4:20.58 (PR)
hammett, greg Keenya 4:26.41 (PR)
samuel, jared Keenya 4:39.55
pipp, timothy Keenya 4:42.49
johnston, bryan Keenya 4:48.56
lyndstone, haley Keenya 5:31.13

3000 Meter
najem, peter Keenya 8:53.15 (PR)
goupil, jeff Keenya 9:24.77
berube, david Keenya 9:49.20

Overview: It was fun as usual. There were some very fast folks that showed up. It was so cool to see such good athletes. Team Keenya had a few PR's which is fun to see. In my opinion the race of the day was Bryan Johnston's 800m. He PR'ed by three seconds and ran 2:10 (and looked strong doing it). Afterwards we all headed out and met at a Papa Gino's for some (a lot) of pie. We told some inappropriate stories and will forever look at others in a different light.