Friday, December 11, 2009

Baker Street 200's

Objective: 10 x 200 @31 sec with 200 jog recovery.

Keenyans: Andy, Mark, Me, and Dave Cairns (His goal is to run 2:15 late winter at the Drake Relays. He will be 40.)


Overview: We met at 3:15 at the high school like usual. Andy and Dave showed up and we waited a few minutes for any stragglers and then headed over to Mark's house. He lives downtown and very close to Keene State's infamous measured Baker Street. After a 20 minute warm up we got right into it. These efforts felt really smooth and I was able to shift gears fairly well on the last 28 sec interval. Mark and I did these pretty much stride for stride with Andy just a fraction of a second behind. Dave, with whom we are all impressed by, was very close as well. He sat a few efforts out because he can't recover as fast as he would like. This will come over time. Afterwards, Andy, Mark, and I went for an extended warm down (7-8 miles). I was a bit out of my element doing some city running at night. I could get used to it. Mark also showed Andy and me the Holy Grail of hills (Fox Ave). Something tells me we will be there again. As Mark once said, "We are going to leave a lot of DNA up there". With my treadmill run in the morning I got in 16 for the day. We are going to get in some longer work this Saturday. It should be fun. I hope that we get a lot more people to show up.

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