Sunday, December 27, 2009

MM 11 Team Keenya Represents

Jess and I headed over to Londonderry NH and met up with fellow Keenyan Peter Najem. Pete and I warmed up a few and did some striders. The weather was awesome (almost 50 deg). When the gun went off I couldn't do anything but watch Pete and a dash for casher take off. They both gained about 15 meters on me in less than 3 seconds. I just don't have that kind of velocity. I swear it took me to the first quarter to get to full speed. I got to the quarter in 59 seconds and the dasher pulled out. Now I found myself in second, chasing Pete and losing ground. This kid has got some wheels man. I pushed and tried to keep him from gaining on me and actually started to close in after the third quarter. But it was too late, not enough real estate. There was some confusion with the official results because Pete actually crossed the line in 4:01 and I was behind him in 4:05. Either way our Keenya Project represented well. The other half of our group went to BU for the indoor developmental meet. The results that I am aware of are:
Mark Miller - 3K 8:28 / mile 4:20
Greg Hammett - 800m 2:01 / mile 4:27
Bryan Johnston - 800m 2:13 / mile 4:49
I don't know what Andy ran yet
It was a good Holiday and a good day for me. I look forward to some more races. Here is the video link for the race:


  1. Great Job! A PR by almost 30 secs. You guys have some wheels. I'm looking forward to seeing how you do next year, and I'm hoping to gain a lot by training with you guys. If you are looking for a race on New Year's Day, I think I'm doing a 10K in Montegue Ma. It's a small race, but there aren't a lot of 10k's around, so it should be fun. If you are running on Tuesday, I'll be there. Otherwise, have a great New Years.

  2. Thanks! We are planning to workout on Wednesday like usual. Can you make it?

  3. I have an appointment at 4:00 in Greenfield, so I won't be able to be there. If you are in town on Mon or Tues afternoon, I'd be glad to meet you somewhere. I'm planning on keeping my Wednesdays free in the future so I can tag along with your group.