Monday, June 1, 2009

Pack Monadnock

This was my first mountain race of the season. I was nervous going into it due do the fact that it has only been 7 days since my 2:27:32 marathon effort. I have been taking it easy and felt I should give it a shot. I felt surprisingly good early on in the race until about mile 7 where I simply ran out of gas and went into survival mode. I actually felt a little nauseous entering the auto road. My body was realizing what I was about to put it through. A couple of nervous gags later and I was headed up the steep climb and up to 30% grade. In the end I took about 3 minutes off of my time from the previous year and think once I shake out this marathon I should have my wheels back. My effort produced the 26th fastest time on Dave Dunham's record of the all time list and third place for the day. Central Mass Strider's Open and Masters teams placed first in each of their divisions. Here are my splits, although slightly irrelevant in a mountain race (but interesting):
9:22 (yeah that's right!)

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