Thursday, August 20, 2009

"The Michigan"

Objective: I will try my best to describe this killer workout. The effort sessions are 1 mile, 1200, 800, 400 @ 5K pace. For "recovery" our goal was 1200 @ 10K pace. This workout was continuous and grueling.

Keeneyans: Andy (this was his idea), Me (I went along with it), Greg Hammett (showed up), Joel Fedorowitz, and the VP himself Steve Chabot.

1 mile 4:40
1200 3:52 (recovery on road)
1200 3:32
1200 3:48 (recovery on road)
800 2:23
1200 3:51 (recovery on road)
400 68 sec

Overview: I think this may have been the hardest workout that I have ever done. I was pretty much uncomfortable the entire time but managed to get through it. I am very glad that I did. To add salt to the wound, afterwards, I had Keene High Cross Country practice and paced a 17:30 5K time trial. All in all it was a good day but paid the price, because today I basically did a 10 mile shuffle through Putney. It was a recovery day for sure.


  1. Great workout! I believe that a Canadian, Kevin Sullivan, holds the record for the Michigan when he was at school there.

  2. After reading that I need to take a day off...

  3. The workout was tough. That's cool about Kevin. I wonder what the elites run that workout in? Not enough time to take a day off.

  4. Lear's book Sub 4:00, I think, has made the Michigan famous. It's the "recovery" that's a killer. It's a great workout. Nice splits.

  5. Nice work out, I think the 30/40 workout you did a week (or two ago) looks tougher, at least on paper.

  6. The short intervals seem easier for me. At least mentally. The longer the effort, the more I struggle. And the more I struggle, the more I figure I am doing the right workout.