Sunday, December 13, 2009

4 X Mile/Sunday Long Run

Objective: 4 x Mile with full recovery (800 meters).
Keenyans: Mark Miller, Peter Najem, Dan Smith (Greater Boston TC), Me, Mason Mann, Alec Curan, and Nate Simmons.
Overview: I met up with Dan Smith of the Greater Boston Track Club in Chesterfield and then headed over to the Keene High Track. We waited for some of the Keene High Boys (Mason, Nate, and Alec) and then went to Marks house. After about a 20 minute warmup run Peter Najem shows up. He came directly from the Rec Center walk a thon with no sleep. We figured we give him a few striders and then get right into it. Our intentions were to hover around 5 minutes, which we did. It was a solid workout and I am pleased with the effort. We all went home, regrouped, cleaned up, and then headed back to Miller's for their Annual Christmas Party. Basically I got destroyed in Ping Pong by everyone then went home with my tail between my legs. It was a good time. Sunday morning Pete, Mark, and Jarod met me at my house for a long run. We did a Putney 16 at a manageable pace and then brewed some beer. It was my first time brewing a lager so we will have to wait to see how it comes out. This Wednesday we are going to be heading over to Drummer Hill do to some insane hill repeats. Look forward to seeing everyone.

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