Sunday, July 25, 2010

Jul 19 - Jul 25

Mon - 10 AM / 10 PM
Tue - 10 AM
Wed - 10 AM / 13 PM w/track workout
Thu - 10 miles
Fri - 10 miles
Sat - 7 miles
Sun - 0 (long drive home from Atlantic City)

Total - 80 miles

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

2 Mile / 1 Mile / 2 x 800

Objective : 2 Mile / 1 mile / 2 x 800

Recovery : 400 jog recovery between efforts

Keenyans : Me, Andy, George, Clint, Goupil, and Wilson Perez (getting married in two weeks)

Result :

9:40 / 4:46 / 2:20 / 2:18

Overview : I actually felt pretty good. It was warm but it was very manageable. I have been a bit sore since Stowe. Mostly in my quads. I am in the chase for miles. I probably won't get that many this weekend because I have to go out of town. But this week should be a good prequel for things to come.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Stowe 8 Miler (USATF NE Champs)

Kevin Gorman got in on Saturday evening to split his trip up. We had a cook out and then hit up the Putney swimming holes to cool off and relax before the race. Jess, Kevin, and I got up Sunday morning at 5:30 and were out the door just before 6. There was hardly any traffic on the drive up and there was plenty of parking at the race. I caught up with the rest of the CMS crew and we all got a good laugh at our pathetic attempts on facial hair growth. I got a good warm up with Kevin and then I headed to the line. I really liked the cross country start. It was cool to line up with the team. I also think we had the best uniforms (No shirts and mustaches). My game plan for the race was to not go out aggressively. I tucked in behind some of the leaders and chilled for about two miles. The pace was really slow and there were about 30 people in the lead pack. Finally a few went out and I followed. Now we had something going. Justin Freeman, Matt Ely, Eric Blake, Brian Harvey, and myself. The pace dropped below 5 mpm and my heart rate got going. We stayed together for the next two miles until Brian made a pretty good move at 4. Eric and I went a little but didn't cover the move entirely. We gave him some space. I honestly thought I was going to reel him in over the remainder of the course. I didn't. Eric and I worked together pushing each other and aggressively trying to gain on the leader. We would get close but Brian was tough. He would not give up and was very strong and smooth looking. I put a few seconds on Eric in the last half mile still thinking I could close it. It was a lot of fun. It really was a race for me. Afterwards, I had another great cool down with some of the crew and TiVO had some fruit and a hidden swimming hole. It was a great day. I look forward to getting back in the hunt for miles. I am also looking forward to BOF.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Jul 12 - Jul 18

Mon - 10 AM / 6 PM
Tue - 10 AM
Wed - 5 AM / 15 PM w/track workout
Thu - 13 PM
Fri - 0
Sat - 6 miles AM
Sun - 15 miles

Total - 80 Miles

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

1 X Mile / 2 X 800 / 4 X 400

Objective : 1 x Mile / 2 X 800 / 4 X 400

Recovery : I had to modify the recovery because of the humidity and went with 400 jog recovery after every effort.

Keenyans : Me, Greg, Andy, Erin, George, James, Boj, Josh, Clint, and some of the Keene High Boys (Mason, Dan, Serjio)

Result :

4:45 / 2:20 / 2:19 / 69 / 68 / 66 / 64

Overview : It was very humid and I couldn't recover the way that I had hoped I would. So I took more, so that I could get in the intensity. Greg and Andy did 800's very fast and looked awesome. We hit up Armadillos after and had a good time talking about the upcoming race this weekend. I was excited because it was Jess's first time to come to Armadillos. Next up, Stowe 8. Oh yeah, for all of those interested, Greg Hammett has stared a training blog. I recommend checking it out.

Monday, July 12, 2010


Objective : 400 / 800 / 1200 / 1600 / 1200 / 800 / 400

Recovery : Half time rest of effort

Keenyans : Me, Greg, And Jen Fice

Result :

69 / 2:19 / 3:29 / 4:36 / xxx / 2:20 / 65

Overview : It was a good session with a relief of humidity. I had trouble recovering after the mile effort and decided to skip the second 1200. Other than that I felt pretty strong. After the morning workout I headed to Ashland NH to visit Mark Miller and his wife for a "camping" trip. It was wicked fun. Attendees were : Mark, Mary, Boj, Pete Najem, Matt Pelletier, Greg, Jen, Josh Ferenc, and myself.

Friday, July 9, 2010

July 5 -Jul 11

Mon - 0
Tue - 13 AM
Wed - 10 AM / 8 PM with Track
Thu - 13 AM / 6 PM with Ferenc
Fri - 10 AM
Sat - 10 w/ track workout
Sun - 9 w/ Pete Najem

Total - 79 miles

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Survive the Heat

Objective : Don't melt

Result : Didn't Melt

Keenyans : Me, Andy, Greg, Boj, Erin, Erik, Mark Miller, Goupil.

Result : I moved around and got in about two miles of track "work". I did a total of 5 quarters between 66 and 69 seconds. Absolute full recovery.

Overview : It was hot. We went swimming at Wilson Pond. Then to Armadillos.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Jun 28 - Jul 4

Mon - 9 miles PM w/ half mile swim (with Greg and Mark)
Tue - 10 miles AM / 7 miles PM
Wed - 15 miles w/ track workout
Thu - 0
Fri - 5 AM / 10 PM w/Josh
Sat - 5 AM
Sun - 14 miles w/ 4 mile road race (19:21 CR)

Total -75 miles