Saturday, August 8, 2009

Bridge of Flowers

I headed South this morning to run in the 31st Bridge of Flowers 10K. This a challenging course and the hill at mile 2 will really put the breaks on any tempo you have going. I have been training pretty well the past 5 weeks and felt it was time to test my wheels without any expectations. The plan was to go out conservative hold it for the climb and then let her loose. My slits were as follows:
6:25 (BIG HILL)
and some change for the last .2 miles.
Overall I am pretty excited about my effort. I actually tied my 10K PR with 32:19. I guess that means I should find an easier course to get in a good one while I can. CMS found 5 guys and we placed 3rd as a team and I finished 4th overall.

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  1. Take at least a minute off on an easier course. Nice run.