Wednesday, December 2, 2009

2 X 2,2,4

Objective: 2 x 200, 200, 400 with full recovery (200 meter)
Keeneyans: Andy, Greg, Brian Johnson, Me
30.1 sec
30.1 sec
58.8 sec

29.9 sec
28.8 sec
59.9 sec
Overview: The focus was on speed. I just wanted to turn my legs over as fast as I could. I was surprised to hit 58 because I never have in my whole life. A 400m PR. Looking forward to seeing where this can go on the indoor track. I will probably start increasing my mileage next week. I am hoping to hover around 75 a week. By the way, Hammett's got some wheels!!!


  1. nice work w/ the sub 60 split and a pr to boot. Pretty good to be hitting those times after all the marathon training. You'll be burning up the indoor track scene this winter!

  2. Thanks man. We will have to wait and see.