Monday, October 12, 2009

Never Give Up! Race for Angella

Sunday Jess and I headed into town to participate in the Race for Angella.  Angella is one of my friends and a dedicated runner who was diagnosed with lung cancer a few months ago.  She is a  Mountain Goat and is looking forward to skipping the lottery and running Mt Washington next year with her husband Clynt Joslyn.  Clynt's goal for the race was to run with me the first mile and then join his wife who was walking.  That's right.  She participated in the race.  This lady is crazy!  I was very impressed and it is awesome she is taking to treatment so well.  On a much less important note:  I felt light, fresh, and snappy.  The rest is paying off and it seems to be a green light for Bay State.  I hit all of my mile splits in aroung 4:55 or so.  The results say it was a four miler but it was actually 4.47 or so.  That's what I got on Map My Run and some other who had GPS.  Another week of rest.  Jess and I are heading down Saturday morning and staying at a Holiday Inn to get focussed.  See some of you there!  Results here:

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