Sunday, September 27, 2009

Clarence DeMar Marathon

Jess and I headed into town a bit late this morning.  I didn't even realize that registration at Keene State closed at 7.  We arrived fashionably late at 7:13.  Too late, the RD was gone, the transport bus was gone, and I thought the worst.  We took our chances and headed to Gilsum for the start to try and ask forgiveness for our tardiness.  They were expecting me (I ran into the RD at Olive Garden earlier this week and said I would be there) and had a number and shirt.  Another surprise was that the race starts at 8:00, not 8:30.  Man, I really didn't have my stuff together this morning.  Once the gun went off (twice) George Adams and I settled into a manageble just under 6 mpm pace.  The first half of this course is down hill and can give you a false sence of strength.  George hung for about 12 miles and decided to back off ever so slightly.  I'm talking a few seconds per mile.  This guy is tough as nails.  He has more mental strength than anyone that I know.  He has a way of pushing past physical pain and locking into a mechanical rhythm.  Anyway, my goal for today was to run comfortably for most of the race and try to drop it the last two.  I have to keep in mind my goal race at Bay State.  I hovered around 6 minute pace though 24 and decided it was now or never.  I was pleased to finish the last two miles in 10:21 and have that extra gear.  I am ready for Oct 18. 
Besides George Adams' amazing performance was Kevin Gorman (who expressed interest in joining CMS).  His previous PR was 2:44 and he was hoping to at least be close to that.  Not only did he accomplish that he broke 2:40 by three clicks.  It was a pretty good day to run and I had fun talking to everyone afterwards about their efforts.


  1. Great job man...solid ARE ready for Baystate... nice work on recruiting too :)

  2. by the way...that workout is faster than my race pace but I was saying that in a relative sense :)...

  3. Thanks for the shout out. When I told my wife who you were, she said that you were the happiest runner out there (apparently you said "thanks" when she cheered you on).