Thursday, April 30, 2009

Track Workout 4/30

Objective: 3 x mile @ 4:50


mile 1- 4:44 (whoopsies)

mile 2- 4:51 (that's more like it)

mile 3- 4:56 (shouldn't have done the first one so fast)

Notes: I liked this workout. I would be more excited if the times were reversed and I finished with 4:44. It was a solo effort and I ALWAYS go out too fast unless I am with a more reasonable person.


  1. I think I pulled a hamstring just READING this! Good stuff man...

  2. How much recovery between miles?

  3. I did 800 active recovery and rolled right into the next rep. I hope to be able to do this same workout with 400 recovery later this summer. But for now, that's all I can handle.