Wednesday, September 23, 2009

4 X Mile

Objective: 4 x mile @ 5 minute pace
Recovery: 400 meters
Keeneyans: Me and Andy McCarron (Steve Chabot showed up later)
Result: (are you ready for this)
Overview: I was just plain tired. After the first effort I knew it wasn't going to happen today. The last 9 days or so have been pretty intense for me (two PR's). Two good races plus what I considered an awesome workout last Wednesday. So I am not discouraged. On another note, Andy probably had his finest workout this training cycle. He went 4:59/4:58/4:58/4:54. He also had a good race Sunday. The closer we get to Bay State the more I think CMS can take the Grand Prix. I also believe if everything goes right we can put three men under 2:30. It's going to be a good day for sure.


  1. Justin - always enjoy your blog and I still want to catch up with you for some home brew some time. I confess to be a bit blown away by some of the times you post in workouts - because often what you do for a single repeat is near my PRs.

    But today - I commend you: you had a tough day, tough repeat but you STUCK with it. That is what we call BALLS and it will serve you well come marathon day. Well done!!

  2. I would say you have done the work and should listen to your body which is what you did today. You have put in the work and should look forward to more positive results in the near future. Get you rest this is not emphasized enough. Sleep brings recovery to your body. Sorry I preach a bit but athletes need to be reminded of the little things, too. Good luck at Demar and I hope to see you at Baystate.

  3. Sub 2:30:

    Fyffe, McCarron, Tilton

    Sub 2:35:

    Ward (if running), a couple other dudes that Al brought in...

    Sub 2:40:

    Dan Verrington

    Sub 2:50:

    Dave Dunham, Dave Quintal, JJ

  4. Way to finish okay Justin. Get some rest!

  5. Thanks guys. I slept like a baby last night.
    GZ- I am brewing some Nut Brown Ale Saturday. We will have to get together for a few someday.

  6. You were probably due for a tough day at the office. Good to get it out of the way.... For DeMar, my marathon PR is 2:44 so I'd like to be near or under that. Maybe I'll see you out there.

  7. DQ is right, be very careful and listen to your body. You really won't get in better shape in the next couple of weeks, but you could really drag yourself down if you try to "push through".

    JJ - I think DQ, Dan and I will be running together. Prediction for the three of us 2:59:58. Dan is running because we need a third master, DQ and I are coming off of injuries and are doing it strictly because it is a team race (well, I want that damn Iron-runner jacket.).