Thursday, December 17, 2009

Drummer Hill

Objective: 10 x 300meter efforts at quarter mile time

Keenyans: This is a record, 12 athletes showed up to run up Drummer Hill. Where was everybody this summer when it was nice? Only in New England do people wait to single temperature digits to get active. Next week I am going to have a sign up sheet so I can give everyone proper recognition for their dedication.

Results: Only mine (I am trying to think of a way to show everyone's data; I bet DD has a way).

Overview: I can't express how excited I was to see so many runners show up. Wednesdays have turned into the highlight of my week. Anyway, this was my first Drummer Hill workout and it was tough. Some of the Keene State runners have done it more than once. Even though the 300 meter efforts were supposed to be similar to a 400 effort it felt much worse. My legs were heavier than I can ever remember and on the last two reps I actually got tunnel vision with some floaters (visual disco). The best part was afterwards when almost the whole crew went to Armadillos for some burritos and beer. We had fun sharing stories about past adventures and wild grizzly men that palm boulders and wrestle bears (you had to be there probably). The next project is a 3000m time trial Saturday for me. I will keep everyone posted on the time. Also, the time trial is for me and anyone else that would like to try it out. You can do what ever workout you want or just meet someone for an easy straight run. The point is to get together and do something you might not do on your own. I look forward to seeing more people next time and thank everyone for coming. Also, I think I should mention that anyone in a 51 mile radius should probably stop by Saturday.


  1. Hey Justin,
    I had a lot of fun running with you guys Wednesday. If you want to know, my times were:


    The last repeat I could hear the pack chasing me at the end, and I tried like hell to not get passed. I felt pretty good about my results, since I haven't been doing much speed work lately.

    What time are you running on Saturday? It's not the best day for me to run, but I might be able to make it.

    Thanks again,

  2. That's awesome that you matched your last effort with the first. Amazing what the proper motivation will bring. I am not sure what time tomorrow but will post something soon.