Wednesday, August 19, 2009

50K World Trophy

Gistel, August 17th 2009

Dear Mr.Fyffe,

The IAU 50K World Trophy Final in Gibraltar, October 31st 2009.

This season you performed very well during the selection Race for the IAU 50K World Trophy in CAUMSETT (USA).

One of the results of this is that you are invited to run the Final Race of the IAU 50K World Trophy in Gibraltar on Saturday October 31st 2009.

We can offer you:

- Free accommodation, full board, for 5 nights

- A travel grant of minimum 450 Euro

o This amount is subject to an increase, depending upon the number of invited runners that take part in the event but it will not be less than listed here.

o This travel grant will be paid in Gibraltar.

o It’s up to you to make your reservation to fly over to Malaga (Spain) which is the nearest airport to Gibraltar.

May we ask you to answer us before August 31st if you accept this invitation or not. This will allow us to organize your accommodation or, in case you don’t accept it, to invite another athlete.
We hope to receive a positiveanswer of you one of these days,

Kindest regards,

Jan Vandendriessche

IAU Director of Organisations

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