Thursday, December 31, 2009

5 x 800 / 4 x 200

Objective: 5 x 800 @ 2:20 with 400 jog recovery then 4 x 200 at 30 sec with 200 jog recovery.

Keenyans: Me, Andy, Mark, Pete, Greg, Steve, Jarod and Jeff Goupil. Also some of the Keene High Boys (Kelsey, Alec, and Sam)

2:24 / 2:19 / 2:20 / 2:20 / 2:19
31 / 30 / 30 / 29

Overview: It was a great turnout for our group. I didn't feel like I was on during this workout and chased Pete and Mark most of the efforts. The road wasn't all of the way clear and there was some slippery spots which we had to run single track. It is still better than any other option. Afterwards we headed to Armadillos for a post workout treat. My next appearance will be this weekend at BU (my first indoor meet). I am still on the fence about what I will do but am leaning towards a 3k 1 mile double.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Workout Wednesday

Just a reminder that we will be meeting at the parking lot of the Savings Bank of Walpole on Marlboro Street in Keene at 3:15.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

MM 11 Team Keenya Represents

Jess and I headed over to Londonderry NH and met up with fellow Keenyan Peter Najem. Pete and I warmed up a few and did some striders. The weather was awesome (almost 50 deg). When the gun went off I couldn't do anything but watch Pete and a dash for casher take off. They both gained about 15 meters on me in less than 3 seconds. I just don't have that kind of velocity. I swear it took me to the first quarter to get to full speed. I got to the quarter in 59 seconds and the dasher pulled out. Now I found myself in second, chasing Pete and losing ground. This kid has got some wheels man. I pushed and tried to keep him from gaining on me and actually started to close in after the third quarter. But it was too late, not enough real estate. There was some confusion with the official results because Pete actually crossed the line in 4:01 and I was behind him in 4:05. Either way our Keenya Project represented well. The other half of our group went to BU for the indoor developmental meet. The results that I am aware of are:
Mark Miller - 3K 8:28 / mile 4:20
Greg Hammett - 800m 2:01 / mile 4:27
Bryan Johnston - 800m 2:13 / mile 4:49
I don't know what Andy ran yet
It was a good Holiday and a good day for me. I look forward to some more races. Here is the video link for the race:

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

8 x 400/ 4 x 200

Objective: Shake and wake things up for some racing this weekend. The plan was 8 x 400 followed by 4 x 200.

Recovery: 400 jog after the 400's and 200 jog after the 200's

Keenyans: Me, Andy, Mark, Greg, and Brian Johnson.

400's - 63 sec / 65 sec / 65 sec / 64 sec / 64 sec / 64 sec / 65 sec / 64 sec
200's - 29 sec / 29 sec / 29 sec / 28 sec

Overview: We meet at the usual spot in Keene. Not everyone that wanted to come could, simply because of the holiday and travel. In any case we still had a good turnout. We had a good 20 minute warm up and got right into it on Baker Street. I felt pretty relaxed and smooth until the second to last 400. My stomach started turning and I had to find a bathroom. Luckily Andy has access to a nearby facility. When I got back I was behind and had to do the last two reps by myself. After a 4 mile cool down Mark and his wife Mary invited us over for some homemade pizza. I wish I could have stayed but I was still and am still having issues with my stomach. Hope it fades soon. I am looking forward to this weekend racing somewhere.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Keenyans Meet Tuesday

Due to the Holiday later this week, we have decided to meet tomorrow at 3:15 at the Savings Bank of Walpole. Our intentions are to get things moving and find some leg speed for Sunday's Millennial Mile. Come ready to move!

3000m TT

Objective: 3000m TT in 7 degree windy/cold/miserable weather on the road.
Keenyans: Me, Peter, Mark, and Steve Chabot
Mark- 8:55
Me- 8:57
Pete- 8:59
Steve- 11:29

We finished up with 4 x 400 in 64/64/70/72

Overview: I have to be satisfied with the time trial even though I thought it would be much faster. After all it is a PR. The last time I ran a 3000 was in 1996, I was 16 years old and won the Vermont Div 1 State title in 9:04 (school record still standing). I think I am ready to try out my new wheels on a real track very soon. Working out with Mark and Pete is very exciting and I feel like we are drawing off of each others strengths. We are all going to benefit from these sessions.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Sarturday Workout

Tomorrow's workout will be at 9 am. We will meet at the Savings Bank of Walpole parking lot in Keene. Since Wednesday was shorter and faster, the focus for me is going to be more threshold. I plan on a 3000m time trial on Baker Street but am open to suggestions. Please come. Afterwards we can stop by Prime Roast to talk about our effort and enjoy a good cup of joe.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Drummer Hill

Objective: 10 x 300meter efforts at quarter mile time

Keenyans: This is a record, 12 athletes showed up to run up Drummer Hill. Where was everybody this summer when it was nice? Only in New England do people wait to single temperature digits to get active. Next week I am going to have a sign up sheet so I can give everyone proper recognition for their dedication.

Results: Only mine (I am trying to think of a way to show everyone's data; I bet DD has a way).

Overview: I can't express how excited I was to see so many runners show up. Wednesdays have turned into the highlight of my week. Anyway, this was my first Drummer Hill workout and it was tough. Some of the Keene State runners have done it more than once. Even though the 300 meter efforts were supposed to be similar to a 400 effort it felt much worse. My legs were heavier than I can ever remember and on the last two reps I actually got tunnel vision with some floaters (visual disco). The best part was afterwards when almost the whole crew went to Armadillos for some burritos and beer. We had fun sharing stories about past adventures and wild grizzly men that palm boulders and wrestle bears (you had to be there probably). The next project is a 3000m time trial Saturday for me. I will keep everyone posted on the time. Also, the time trial is for me and anyone else that would like to try it out. You can do what ever workout you want or just meet someone for an easy straight run. The point is to get together and do something you might not do on your own. I look forward to seeing more people next time and thank everyone for coming. Also, I think I should mention that anyone in a 51 mile radius should probably stop by Saturday.

USATF NE Athlete of the Month

BOSTON – Justin Fyffe, age 29 of East Dummerston, VT, who runs for the Central Mass Striders (CMS), has been named USA Track & Field – New England’s Athlete of the Month for November 2009. Fyffe was 2nd American and 9th overall at the I.A.U. World Trophy 50K championships in Gibraltar, running 3:15:02 on a very rugged course. On November 27, Justin also won the 31st annual 4.5 mile Cranberry Run in Keene, NH in 23:16. Fyffe has already demonstrated his versatility this year, as the overall men's winner of the 2009 USATF-New England's Grand Prix Road Racing Series. The series consists of seven events ranging in distance from the 5K to the marathon. Justin nailed down the Grand Prix victory by finishing 2nd in 2:28:15 at the BayState Marathon in Lowell on October 18. Justin's training supports this versatility. During heavy training periods, he averages 100 miles per week, but also incorporates speed work that focuses on mile repeats in some sessions, and fast 200s and 400s in other sessions. Fyffe was ranked 12th in the field at the World Trophy 50K championships and set two goals: 1) to finish in the top 10, and 2) to break his 50K personal best of 3:06. Local authorities forced a course change at the last minute when they decided not to close roads on what would have been a flat course. The substitute course included seven out and back loops over a steep hill. The circuit also included dozens of hairpin turns that affected runners' tempo and rhythm. Fyffe realized early that he would not be able to break his PB, but made the most of the conditions and felt that training in New England helped on the hills. He lead the chase pack in about 11th place through the middle of the race and was able to rally and move past two competitors late in the race to finish 9th. Fyffe was born in Vermont and starred in track and cross-country at Keene (NH) High School. After high school, he served five years in the U.S. Navy aboard the destroyer USS Thorn. While in the navy he stopped running, but returned in 2004 with high motivation and a determination to do his best. Fyffe's goals include running the New England Grand Prix series again and getting a qualifying time for the 2012 U.S. Men's Olympic Marathon Trials. Justin embraces running, saying, “running and competing complete me, I feel like the best person I can be when I'm training and racing”.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Workout 3:15pm

Keenyans should meet at the Savings Bank of Walpole's parking lot on Marlboro Street, Keene. Our intentions are to warmup easy and then hit Drummer Hill for some 300m repeats. Should be fun.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

4 X Mile/Sunday Long Run

Objective: 4 x Mile with full recovery (800 meters).
Keenyans: Mark Miller, Peter Najem, Dan Smith (Greater Boston TC), Me, Mason Mann, Alec Curan, and Nate Simmons.
Overview: I met up with Dan Smith of the Greater Boston Track Club in Chesterfield and then headed over to the Keene High Track. We waited for some of the Keene High Boys (Mason, Nate, and Alec) and then went to Marks house. After about a 20 minute warmup run Peter Najem shows up. He came directly from the Rec Center walk a thon with no sleep. We figured we give him a few striders and then get right into it. Our intentions were to hover around 5 minutes, which we did. It was a solid workout and I am pleased with the effort. We all went home, regrouped, cleaned up, and then headed back to Miller's for their Annual Christmas Party. Basically I got destroyed in Ping Pong by everyone then went home with my tail between my legs. It was a good time. Sunday morning Pete, Mark, and Jarod met me at my house for a long run. We did a Putney 16 at a manageable pace and then brewed some beer. It was my first time brewing a lager so we will have to wait to see how it comes out. This Wednesday we are going to be heading over to Drummer Hill do to some insane hill repeats. Look forward to seeing everyone.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Saturday Workout

Keenyans are meeting tomorrow morning at 10am for 4 x mile workout. If you are within a 50 mile radius of Keene you better be there. If you need directions let me know. My email is

Baker Street 200's

Objective: 10 x 200 @31 sec with 200 jog recovery.

Keenyans: Andy, Mark, Me, and Dave Cairns (His goal is to run 2:15 late winter at the Drake Relays. He will be 40.)


Overview: We met at 3:15 at the high school like usual. Andy and Dave showed up and we waited a few minutes for any stragglers and then headed over to Mark's house. He lives downtown and very close to Keene State's infamous measured Baker Street. After a 20 minute warm up we got right into it. These efforts felt really smooth and I was able to shift gears fairly well on the last 28 sec interval. Mark and I did these pretty much stride for stride with Andy just a fraction of a second behind. Dave, with whom we are all impressed by, was very close as well. He sat a few efforts out because he can't recover as fast as he would like. This will come over time. Afterwards, Andy, Mark, and I went for an extended warm down (7-8 miles). I was a bit out of my element doing some city running at night. I could get used to it. Mark also showed Andy and me the Holy Grail of hills (Fox Ave). Something tells me we will be there again. As Mark once said, "We are going to leave a lot of DNA up there". With my treadmill run in the morning I got in 16 for the day. We are going to get in some longer work this Saturday. It should be fun. I hope that we get a lot more people to show up.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

No Wednesday Workout

The usual Wednesday workout scheduled for this afternoon has been rescheduled to Thursday @ 3:15 ( Keene High School Alumni Field).

Saturday, December 5, 2009

800TT/Workout Results

It was a pretty good showing this morning on the track. We had 8 brave souls don their flats and put themselves out there. Unfortunately I only have the data from my performance and a few others. Anyway here is what I got.

Objective: 800 TT followed by 4 x 400 and 4 x 200.

800TT- 2:04 (PR)
4 x 400- 70 sec, 68 sec, 66 sec, 64 sec
4 x 200- 32 sec, 32 sec, 31 sec, 30 sec

Overview: I know that Mark Miller and Peter Najem went 2:02 with Mark just barely edging out Pete. I came in next in 2:04, followed by Keene High Athlete Mason Mann in 2:07. He just barely held off Greg Hammett in the final stretch who also finished in 2:07. The following workout seemed pretty comfortable, probably because I finally got some body heat. It was cold man. For the most part we all stuck together for these efforts. I met some new area runners who seemed interested in more gatherings. I hope to see them and more this Wednesday at Keene High Track @ 3:15. If not, maybe next Saturday.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

1st Annual Check Your Fitness 800 TT

This Saturday at 9 am we are having the 1st Annual Check Your Fitness 800 TT. It will be held at the Monadnock Track in Swanzey. Following the time trial we are going to have a 4x400/ 4x 200 workout. It should be a good time with runners from 2 minutes to 3 minutes. Please pass the word and better yet show up.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

2 X 2,2,4

Objective: 2 x 200, 200, 400 with full recovery (200 meter)
Keeneyans: Andy, Greg, Brian Johnson, Me
30.1 sec
30.1 sec
58.8 sec

29.9 sec
28.8 sec
59.9 sec
Overview: The focus was on speed. I just wanted to turn my legs over as fast as I could. I was surprised to hit 58 because I never have in my whole life. A 400m PR. Looking forward to seeing where this can go on the indoor track. I will probably start increasing my mileage next week. I am hoping to hover around 75 a week. By the way, Hammett's got some wheels!!!