Thursday, April 30, 2009

Track Workout 4/30

Objective: 3 x mile @ 4:50


mile 1- 4:44 (whoopsies)

mile 2- 4:51 (that's more like it)

mile 3- 4:56 (shouldn't have done the first one so fast)

Notes: I liked this workout. I would be more excited if the times were reversed and I finished with 4:44. It was a solo effort and I ALWAYS go out too fast unless I am with a more reasonable person.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Track Workout

Objective: 4x mile @ 5:00 (with Josh Ferenc @ Bellows Falls Track)

Outcome: 4 mile warmup @ 6:00 pace

Mile 1: 5:03 w/ 800 rest

Mile 2: 5:02 w/ 800 rest

Mile 3: 4:54 w/ 800 rest

Mile 4: 4:51 w/ stretch and "active recovery"

4 mile cool down

Overview: I feel ok about this workout. I think if I planned my week better I could have gotten more out of this workout. Yesterday I did an 18 mile straight run averaging 6:08 mpm and I could feel it on the track today. Tomorrow will be easy.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Tempo Run

Objective: 2 mile warm up/16 mile tempo @5:40/ 2 mile cool down.

Result: 16 miles 1:27:52 (5:29 pace)
I felt very strong during this run and am very pleased with the results. I was able to attack the hills that I encountered, maintain my effort past the crest, and recover on the back side. To have this kind of control was a lot of fun. My slowest split was 5:44 (hill) and my fasted split was 5:17. My last two miles were in 10:35 (that was tough).

Weekly Goal: I have to get my mileage up over 100 for the next few weeks. I need the volume to be able to race well at Vermont City.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Track Workout

Objective: 4x 400/300/200/100 with 100 meter jog recovery inbetween efforts and 400 meter job inbetween sets.
Set One:
400 in 63.8 sec
300 in 47.3 sec
200 in 32.8 sec
100 in 13.4 sec (yeah!)

Set Two:
400 in 63.4 sec
300 in 48.2 sec
200 in 33.1 sec
100 in 14.1 sec

Set Three:
400 in 64.5 sec
300 in 48.7 sec
200 in 33. 4 sec
100 in 14.3 sec

Set Four:
400 in 65.7 sec (that was tough!)
300 in 47.6 sec
200 in 32.9 sec
100 in 13.2 sec (that was fun!)
Overview: I think it was a good workout and it felt good to have some leg turnover. I think that I am closer to one of my 2009 goals of getting in under 15 minutes for the 5k. I am going to attempt this in Burlington on May 2 (on the track).

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Keene High Track Workout

Weather: Perfect, low 60's w/sun.

Workout: 8x 300 in 48sec (200 rest), 200 in 32sec (200 rest), 100 in 16 (200 rest).

Notes: We hit the splits for the first four sets and realized they were a bit too aggressive this early on in the season. The last four sets we added two seconds to every 100 meters. This was much more manageable. We also had a 1.5 mile warm up and 1.5 mile cool down. Overall I am pretty excited to have done such a quality workout with the guys and have them hang for it's entirety. They were working outside of their comfort zone for the first time this year and toughed it out.The winter conditioning is paying off, they are realizing it, and the season should reflect it.

Predictions: At least two, maybe three runners under 2 minutes for the 800 meters. Most of the guys under 2:10. As for the milers I suspect most will be in the 4:40-4:50 range. This would be a huge improvement from last year and I think they can do it.

Quote: "I will never be THE best, but I will always strive to be MY best."