Monday, February 22, 2010

Feb 22 - Feb 28

Mon - 17 miles w/ Greg in Putney (1:59:08). Almost got into a fight with a hillbilly.
Tue - 0 miles (sick)
Wed - 5 miles (had to shovel my roof before it caved in)
Thu - 10 miles w/Chabotage
Fri - 10 miles
Sat - 0 miles
Sun - 18 miles (10 mile race in 50:58)
Total - 60 miles

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Feb 15 - Feb 21

Mon - AM 17 (1:41:26) First time I cracked 6 minute pace ever on this run. It was a borderline race effort. The route is very challenging.
Tue - AM 3 Treadmill (21:00) PM 16 miserable miles in the snow (1:52:36).
Wed - 17 miles w/ track workout (8 x mile)
Thu - PM 12 miles easy (1:20:10)
Fri - PM 10 miles (1:02:05)
Sat - AM 17 miles (1:38:44) Same run as Mon. Quads were tight and managed to keep pace.
Sun - AM 18 miles in Keene (14 with Erik Kress)(2:03)
Total - 110 miles (most miles in a Mon-Sun week)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

8 x Mile

Objective: 8 x mile @ 5:10

Recovery: 400 meter jog

Keenyans: Me, Andy, Mark, BoJo, Greg, James


5:01 / 5:06 / 5:01 / 5:04 / 5:03 / 4:59 / 4:56 / -----

Overview: This was a huge workout for me. I have never done that much volume in a workout. It was awesome! The first two efforts for me were the most uncomfortable. Once I found my stride it seemed to be pretty smooth sailing. Mark and I went stride for stride with Andy just a few ticks behind. I missed the last effort due to my untimely afternoon routine. I can't figure out how to eliminate this problem. Luckily Andy's work is right next to our "track" and there was no embarrassing situation. I wish I could have finished with the guys. I think it is important to mention James' workout. He did a 6 x mile session at around 6:05 - 6:10 pace. This is significant because just a few weeks ago he did an 800 workout with half the volume at 3:05-3:10 pace. That is very impressive to me. Good luck to the guys racing this weekend. Until next time.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Feb 8 - Feb 14

Mon - PM 17 mile straight run (1:42:25).
Tue - AM 3 miles on treadmill (21:00). PM 12 miles (1:19:12)
Wed - 10 miles w/ track workout
Thu- PM 17 mile straight run (1:44:07)
Fri- PM 10 miles (71 minutes)
Sat - AM 17 miles (1:45:32)
Sun - AM 17 miles (2:01:54)
Total- 103 miles

On Sunday I invited some friends over for long run. Greg Hammett, BoJo, Dan Smith (Greater Boston), Peter Najem (just ran 1:50.08 at Valentine), and my new neighbor Micheal Fink (training for a sub 3 hour Vermont City). It was a fairly challenging Putney run but very fun. Afterwards Jess made a bunch of raspberry pancakes with bacon. It was a good morning.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

2 x 200/400/800

Objective: 2 x 2/4/8

Keenyans: Me, Greg, BoJo, James, Jeff Goupil, and Dan Fyffe. (Andy was ill and Mark in California).


30 / 63 / 2:13
29 / 59 / 2:15

Objective: I wanted to do 3 sets of these but the 59 made me revise my plan. I was limiting my recovery and wasn't the same for the final 800. Things would have gotten ugly quick. There is something about a lactic acid sandwich that can put things into perspective (Greg's line). I did like the fact that I changed it up a bit and went quicker than usual. The other guys did 8 x 200 and Goupil did some kind of 600 workout (I think). Overall I feel it was an OK workout. It was over so fast. Quite a contrast to the last couple of weeks. Afterwards we headed over to Armadillos to get some grub. We ran into Road Ace, Wilson Perez getting his own burrito. I love Keene.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Northfield Mt Snowshoe Race

Jess and I headed over to Greg Hammett's house early Saturday morning to car pool. The first thing I noticed when we arrived at the visitors center was how windy and cold it was. I felt like I was a little under dressed. Despite the wind, Greg and I did a warm up on the roads for about 24 minutes. Once loose and on the starting line, I had second thoughts about my layering and quickly ran in and got my shell jacket. We were off. Greg, Ross Krause, and I quickly made our way out front and settled in. About 60 seconds into the race I got hot and had to take my shell jacket off. Oh well, better safe than sorry. The course was a steady climb for a couple of miles. I pulled away from Hammett, knowing he had some wheels for the down hill section and wanted to get a gap. The course was pretty quick for a snowshoe race and Greg was gaining on me on the down hill. I just could not turn it over as well. When he caught up to me we ran together for a bit and then he continued to pull away. All I could do was try to hang and eat his snow dust. He barrelled down with no apprehension. I think he probably had 50 meters on me at one point. I started to concede until the terrain leveled out a bit and I noticed I was reeling him in. I was now close enough to have Hammett Spray in my face again and had enough. I made a move on a short climb and pulled out again. This battle continued for the remainder of the race. Basically, I was stronger on the climbs and Hammett was faster on the descents. We went back and forth four times. The outcome of this race was going to be decided by the terrain. We were side by side now and could see the finish line. I mustered every bit I had to try and hold him off. I barely did and think this is one of the most exciting Hammett/Fyffe Duels of old. I look forward to many more. Race director Dave Dunham put on a great race. The course was fun, well marked, and challenging. Of course I knew this going into the day.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

10 x 800

Objective: 10 x 800 @ 10K pace or faster

Recovery: 400 jog recovery in between efforts. 800 jog recovery after 5.

Keenyans: Me, Andy, Mark, Greg, BOJO, James, and Dan Fyffe.


2:22 / 2:27 / 2:27 / 2:25 / 2:24
2:23 / 2:22 / 2:24 / 2:23 / 2:21

Overview: Another strong effort that I am happy with. I definitely like workouts with more volume. I just don't have the wheels for shorter, more intense sessions. Andy, Mark, and myself did the above workout. BOJO did some 400's and 200's while Greg did 5 of the 800's with us then did some more intense, top end stuff. James did an 800 workout (and by the looks of it had a really good day). My Dad had his first taste of running in some months but had a good first effort. He did the warm up with us and did some out and backs that totalled his mileage at about 5. I would also like to welcome Mark to the blogoshere. I have a link to his blog on my blog list. I have also just realized that James has one too. It will be interesting to read a different perspective of Wednesday workouts.