Monday, November 29, 2010

Nov 29 - Dec 5

Mon - 5 miles tempo
Tue - 10 miles on lunch in 57:02
Wed - 0
Thu - 0
Fri - 0
Sat - 8 w/ 15:04 5000m indoors @ Reggie Lewis
Sun - 15 miles w/ the crew @ Pisgah

Total - 38 miles


  1. Holy crap dude, that 10mi wasn't a tempo? I'm curious to see how fast you ran on the 5miler.

  2. What Greg said. Also, did you do that on your lunch break, or did you eat lunch and then run shortly after?

  3. I did it instead of a "lunch break". I have good flexibility at work. I may start doing that more often during the winter months.

  4. Greg, the five mile was pretty quick. It was in Putney and I didn't have a watch. I never do in Putney. The 10 miles was in Brattleboro and much flatter. I took a watch to know the time to get back to work.

  5. Whattaya looking to run at Reggie?

  6. Never mind, I found the seed sheet. Get after it!

    Looks like we've got a few other guys at the meet as well.