Sunday, November 28, 2010

Nov 22 - Nov 28

Mon - 10 mile felt really good
Tue - 9 miles w/ track workout
Wed - 8 miles
Thu - 11 miles w/ 22:03 4.6 mile Cranberry Run
Fri - 8 miles w/ Ferenc and Larry Sayers @ Vermont Academy (Saxton's River)
Sat - 16 miles w/ track workout
Sun - 14 miles in Gilsum w/ George, Josh, Goupil, and WILSON PEREZ!

Total - 76 miles


  1. Larry Sayers? I heard he was dead.

  2. He is up and running. I have been getting on him to race. He looks good though.

  3. Hey, I thought you guys ran in Saxton's River. You wrote Gilsum. Which is it? The Larry Sayers comment by DD is too funny.

  4. Friday and Saturday were in Saxton's River. Today was at George's house in Gilsum.