Wednesday, December 8, 2010

2 x 800 / 4 x 400

Objective : 2 x 800 / 4 x 400

Recovery : half distance rest

Keenyans : Me, Andy, Wilson, Greg, Clint, Goupil (coach), James, Mason, Dan Damato

Result :

2:15 / 2:13 / 65 / 63 / 63 / 63

Overview : I have been putting off posting, mostly because of my horrible race last weekend. I can't believe how nervous I was leading up to Reggie and on race day. It was my first experience with an official indoor event. It was very exciting, overwhelming, and I can't wait to give it another crack. In my opinion 15:04 does not reflect my current fitness. I do however have to prove it. I am going to give myself all season to let it happen. Coach noticed that I was bouncing back and forth, never running consistently. This is how I always race on the road. Serge, relax, serge, recover. The problem is that there is no recovery on the track. I think I have to be even the whole way until the final kick. Anyway, today was a good one. We all did the same workout and it was cool to all be fighting the same pain. I am off this weekend as far as racing but will be at the BU Mini Meet next weekend with the crew.


  1. Justin,
    I was wondering about your race and I am glad you shared your experience. It is hard to believe that was your first indoor race. It takes a little getting used to but you will be fine over time. You continue to kill the workouts and today's effort reflects that you will crush a 5k later this winter.


  2. Thanks Dave. Indoor is nothing like the roads. It is fun trying something new. It should happen. How is your training going?

  3. Pretty well, thanks. Putting on the miles and racing Club Nats XC Saturday.
    It should be very competitive and fun to be with a CMS crew in NC. There will be a few Keenyans in attendance!

  4. I'm planning to do a few races at BU as well.

    A good runner can quickly dismiss a bad race as a fluke accept that if you throw your hat in the ring enough, once in a while it won't be your day.
    F*ck it and move on to the next one.