Wednesday, November 10, 2010

3 x 800 / 2 x 400

Objective : 4 x 800 @ 2:06 (high goal for me). Broke down the last effort.

Recovery : 400 jog in between 8's and 200 jog in between 4's

Keenyans : Me, Andy, Greg, Brent, James, Brad, Clint, Mark

Result :

2:06 / 2:07 / 2:09 / 66 sec / 61 sec

Overview : Getting used to this new approach is very exciting. I have never put in this type of work before and look forward to the results (good or bad) in the coming months. I don't mind not being able to finish a prescribed workout because I may be biting off more than I can chew right now. I will give myself enough time to adapt. Everybody else in the group seems to be changing gears and looking forward to the next season. We started back up with our Armadillos routine. Good times.


  1. yo thats fast as #@&% ! you sure your not gonna be a miler for indoor this year ?

  2. I hate the mile. 5K or bust man. I may do one to see what happens though.