Friday, November 19, 2010

Nov 15 - Nov 21

Mon - 0
Tue - 3 AM on TM / 10 PM @Ferenc's with the girls (and Ferenc)
Wed - 10 miles w/ track workout
Thu - 8 miles in Pisgah w/ Bailey
Fri - Early PM 10 mile Predator Run in Putney (I highly recommend this workout) / Late PM 8 w/ Josh, Greg, and the girls in a dark Pisgah Park
Sat - AM 10 miles easy / PM 10 miles w/ Mark Miller in Putney
Sun - AM 9 Miles w/ Rob Lind in Brattleboro

Total - 78 miles


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  2. It is something I sort of made up. I have an extremely hilly 10 mile loop and noticed the hills are nicely spaced apart and different lengths. I warm up 1 mile then attack the next mile, which is hard. Recover at tempo pace and attack the next hill so on and so on. The longest effort is like 6 minutes and the shortest effort is about 10 seconds. Talk about lactate buildup. It really is nothing more than a farlek/ hill workout. It is tough though.