Monday, November 1, 2010

Nov 1 - Nov 7

Mon - 15 miles w/ 3 x 2 mile w/ the KHS Boys (10:20/10:23/10:25)
Tue - 7 miles (horribly unmotivated plus I took a dive and got a charlie)
Wed - 0 (bruised from fall)
Thu - 0 (still stiff but I think more because of the cold rain)
Fri - 12 miles w/ Josh, Greg, and the Wolf Pack
Sat - 10 miles w/ 11:29 2.5 mile race
Sun - 20 miles from Josh's to My house w/ Josh,Greg, and Double J

Total - 64 miles


  1. That's a pretty big workout for high school boys. What kind of recovery are they doing?

  2. Ha Ha! Bob sounds like Boj and me!!

  3. I agree with all of you guys. I coulnd't believe they did it. Their recovery was about 12 minutes in between efforts. Still, it is a lot of volume at an impressive clip. The top three guys did the above splits with me stride for stride. Crazy.

  4. Hard day / easy day to add some old school wisdom.
    I remember racing three 2 mile races in 3 days my freshman year in HS (1978) but never 3 x 2 mile in one workout. Very impressive.
    What is your next race, Justin?

  5. I think I will do a Turkey Trot in Keene. But my major goal is indoors this winter (5000).