Saturday, November 27, 2010

Basic 200's

Objective : 6 x 200

Recovery : 200 jog recovery

Keenyans : Me and my dog Bailey

Result :

27 / 28 / 28 / 28 /28 / 27

Overview : I was not motivated at all! I think that the Thanksgiving food binge has had something to do with it. I feel so lethargic. So needless to say I had to really battle my demons today to even log any miles. But today, I beat them. Bailey and I hit up the Bellows Falls High Track and got in a quick warm up and got right into it. I am glad I got out there and moved around. Afterwards we headed out to Josh's house and met George Adams, Goupil, and Josh. We had a great run and it was my first this year with some snow fall. It was a good crisp day and a quality run.


  1. Whoa - a track that allows dogs. Sweet.

  2. I wish. But there are not too many people around when it's snowing and freezing. There was a sign that said no dogs. I made her run on my left on the infield so she didn't tear anything up.

  3. Bailey must have thought that workout was pretty slow, she's got some serious sprint speed! I, however, think that's pretty damn fast. Nice job.

  4. I guarantee that with starting blocks and a 15 MPH tailwind I wouldn't break 27 wearing spikes and a freshly shaved head.