Wednesday, August 24, 2011

8 x 1000/600

Objective : 8 x 1000 @ 3:07 into 600 @ 2:10

Recovery : none (straight through)

Keenyans : Me, Greg, Pipp, James, Andy, Brad, Clint, and BOJ (he's back), also Angela

Result :

3:07/2:04 (5:11)  3:06/2:05 (5:11) 3:06/2:08 (5:14) 3:07/2:09 (5:16)
3:06/2:10 (5:16) 3:06/2:09 (5:15) 3:04 / 2:06 (5:10) / 4:51

Overview :  I was given an A, B, and C plan for today depending on how I felt.  I am realizing that my bad days are directly related to heat and humidity.  Even on race day I seem to have a hard time.  I guess I am sensitive to those conditions.  Now I know.  Anyway, since the weather was ideal, I managed to to hit the A goal sort of today.  I am still having a hard time changing gears and owning my prescribed pace.  I feel that I have been doing this for awhile and was familiar with different types of running but am just realizing that this skill is something that I do not have down yet.  It is a challenge.  When you are on the track and getting hot, it is hard to have the discipline to own a backed off pace that is not full recovery but kind of in no man's land.  I totally believe in the concept and I am a bit frustrated that it is not as easy as it sounds.  Overall though, today was a good one (pending Terry's opinion).  I felt in control and never got maniacal (which can happen).  My confidence is building and it was cool to spend the earlier part of this week in Hartford (work related but cool to do runs in the town of my goal race).  I truly love this process and looking forward to the competition that the race committee has put together. It is good to be back in town and run with my mates.  Back to chasing dreams man.

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  1. Good workout man. I'm a big believer in quick recovery paces. The last few reps ain't always fun but they put iron in your pecker for race day.