Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 Review

I enjoyed reading other's year in reviews so much that I decided to write one of my own. Overall, I would consider this past year one of the best. I enjoy my simple life with Jess, my friends, and running (oh yeah and Bailey). Training and running wise I feel like I have learned a lot. Getting prepared for Vermont City was a huge journey that I look forward to starting again soon. Kind of scary to think what is ahead but I absolutely love the whole process. Leading up to the marathon I had two races that I am proud of. DH Jones 10 Miler (50:58) and Bedford 12K (37:18 CR). I can remember the feeling of realizing after each of those races that my hard work over the past few years is really paying off. I did have a disappointing race at New Bedford Half Marathon but had some kind of sinus thing and will have to wait for a good 13.1 mile race to post a time that I know I am capable of.
After laying low for a couple of weeks in the beginning of June I wanted to test my wheels at a shorter distance, 4 On The Fourth. I had a good race, running my fastest for that distance and barely besting the course record by one tick (19:22). I can remember shell shocking a runner from out of town. All the Kenyans and myself taking it out hard and pushing through. Afterwards he said, "I didn't think anybody from Keene, NH would be able to hold on for that long". I was proud of our running group that day.
The next highlight is the Stowe 8 Miler. It was fun to have all the CMS guys grow some form a facial hair. It was ridiculous and awesome. I feel like I raced well but whenever I think of that race, I think of Brian Harvey stealing all of the water at the stops. Just kidding. After an awkward verbal lashing from an accidental incident he took off and won the race. That was cool.
Unfortunely the next highlight of the year was my piriformaus injury. It was horrible. I realized how fragile a runner's psyche is. I went from thinking I was going to run 2:19 at Hartford to wondering if I would ever be able to run again in a matter of days. Crazy and a huge learning experience. The lesson being not to take anything for granted and appreciate every day your out there doing it. Which I do.
After doctor's visits, x-rays, hellatious elbow rubs from Jess, and about a month of taking videos of my comrades training and racing I was back on it. With no competetive Fall marathon in que I had fun running random races and relays. The Josh Billings Runaround which is a canoe dominate event with a running leg. Canoe people take canoing very seriously. As seriously as I take running. Cool. The other relay was with my buddies Josh, Greg, and Mark. We called ourselves the "Four Runners" and wanted to race well. Greg and I were more in our element doing to running legs. Mark was comfortable on the "Demon". Josh however is the toughest dude I know. He creeked on his bike and had to be working harder than any other guy out there. It was a good day and we got the course record. We hope to go back and get under 2 hours next year.
This leads into the current phase. The winter speed project. I have been having fun experiencing indoor track. I had a disaster 5000 at Reggie but learned a lot about track running. I followed that up with a pretty good 3K and a PR mile that I am proud of.
The past year was great. I hope to repeat, continue to run, set goals, accomplish most, and fail less.

2011 Goals
2:19 at Vermont City
4:10 Mile
14:40 5K
1:06:59 Half Marathon
I really don't want to get injured!


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  2. Justin, you are going to CRUSH that 5k goal. CRUSH it.

  3. Funny to read your comment about the fragile runner's psyche. I'm wondering right now how I'll get back into shape once this ab/groin strain thing goes away. I guess seeing you rip a sub-4 MM and the stuff you're getting ready to rip indoors should tell me that getting back will happen when it is time! For the time being though...I'll just have to think of a Wiles Studios film that I can feature you in!