Wednesday, January 5, 2011

8 x 400

Objective : 8 x 400

Recovery : 100 meter jog (tough)

Fuel : PowerBar Lemon Gel Blasts

Keenyans : Me, Greg, Andy, Wilson, James, Chirp, Clint, George, Brad, Boj, and Mark Miller

Result :

68 / 65 / 64 / 65 / 64 / 64 / 63 / 59

Overview : I had no idea what to get into today until about 5 minutes before we were off. I still feel funny from the weekend and didn't think I could get any work in. I was glad to be able to get in something worthy. I think the limited recovery added a sweet element to this effort and made it a session I am pleased with. We had a big crew today and I felt like we owned the street. Although two runners shy it felt like a Baker St Dozen.

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