Thursday, January 6, 2011

Jan 3 - Jan 9

Mon - 8 w/ Greg in Pisgah (so tired from the weekend)
Tue - 8 solo in Putney (starting to feel good, finally)
Wed - 9 miles w/ track workout
Thu - 9 mile tempo in Putney Solo
Fri - 10 mile (60 minutes) w/ Josh and Greg in Grafton VT
Sat - 5 miles slow
Sun - 18 miles w/ Josh Ferenc, Greg, and Andy

Total - 67 miles


  1. You are undercutting your miles or Greg is inflating his to help with his 'delta'.

    'Monday: 9mi / 63min in Pisgah w/Fyffe and the girls. Good run, body sore. Saw a raccoon.'

  2. Long story. Yesterday he came over for the Putney long run. After the run we all hung out at my place and watched the game. His girlfriend showed up during this time. When it was time to leave they decided to leave in one vehicle. I then drove his car to work in the morning. After work I went directly to his house for an easy eight. Since he was without a car he had to run home form work. 1 mile. This acounts for the discrepancy in mileage. Now, you're probably wondering how I got home from his house. Well, my wife, Jess went the long way home and picked me up on the way. Now I am home explaining myself on the Blogoshpere.

  3. Fyffe, I hope you've seen this. If not enjoy!

    P.S. I am lurker 99.9% of the time on LR. I made no comments on this thread!

  4. Struggled running 4:15???? It was my first mile. I closed in 58. This might just be the juice I need. Thanks Glenn. I loved it!

  5. If you need me I will be running quarters until midnight just to make sure.

  6. dude i just took a look at that link. they should change the name of that website to 'lets shit-talk about people who are faster than'. fyffe, i have a feeling most of those assholes arent even close to being on your level. i hope you can figure out who they are and then crush their taints if they even have the balls to race you.

  7. Justin, are you running Boston Prep. I'll give you a comp entry. Call me or text me 603-490-0335. Dave

  8. That's a lot of miles covered, well done you!