Sunday, January 9, 2011

Putney Polar Plunge

Warning. This stunt was performed by professional idiots. Please do not attempt on your own. It will hurt.

Make sure to watch video in 360p or 480p.

The air temperature was in the low 20's and the water temperature was freezing (literally). I think Greg came up with this idea on Friday night when we all went out to dinner at Fireworks in Brattleboro. I didn't think it would materialize. I think it's funny that we scream like girls.

Nice swimming hole in Putney.

Looks refreshing!

Josh was eager to get in.

Not so eager anymore.

Andy shaking off (maybe flexing?). Greg and me getting out of Dodge. Ferenc? Not so sure.

Thanks Jen for the pictures and video. Great Job!


  1. "My dick's coming out of my ass!", awesome quote.

  2. HAHA! Awesome. That snow off the tree was great.

  3. Looks like fun - in a crazy, sadistic kind of way.

  4. I'm not surprised this was Greg's idea - Hammett's love this sort of stuff....

  5. most of the time, missing out on cool shit cuz of injuries really bums me out. this, however, isnt one of those times. no effing way i wouldve gone in. and hopefully ferenc can get his reverse penis problem taken care of.

  6. "Simply because you can breath, doesn't actually mean you're alive, JUMP IN A FROZEN CREEK!"