Friday, May 14, 2010

Track Progression

Objective : 3 mile track progression on tired legs

Keenyans : Me and Mark

Result :

9 miles on the road right onto the track. One mile easy and then a rolling start right into a three mile progression. The mile splits were 5:17 / 5:05 / 4:55.

Overview : This was Mark's idea (a good one) and I couldn't resist. I am still a bit fatigued from Wednesday but what the the hell. No matter how much I train, eventually, I will be running faster than I want to, for longer than I seemingly can. So, I might as well get used to it. VCM or Bust Man!


  1. Nice workout. Your killing it. Can't wait till next weekend when you run on somewhat rested legs

  2. Justin - I copied your pics of you guys in Pisgah and put them on the Pisgah Trail Race website! Hope that's ok! (I did not post your video! haha) Good luck with your "taper"! =) jen

  3. No problem Jen! I am glad to help spread the word.