Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bedford 12K (USATF NE Champs)

Jess and I headed into Chesterfield to pick up Greg early in the morning. We arrived in Bedford the customary 1 hour before the gun goes off. We met up the CMS crew and headed out for a warmup and typical juvenile chat. I was a little nervous before the race because I was having a hard time evaluating my condition. I honestly could not tell if I was on or off. I figured I would just go out with the leaders and see what happens. From what I could tell it was Mark, Joseph Koech and myself that quickly made our way to the front. This was of course, after we caught up to Dave Quintel, who probably covered the first 200 meters in 30 seconds. I hope he got a good shot for the papers. Anyway, the three of us jockeyed together for the 3 miles. I was feeling very comfortable and felt I could sustain the pace for a while. At mile three we had a pretty sharp left and from that point on it was solo. I don't feel like I surged or made any drastic move but rather just maintained my effort. I am very excited about this race. It is my first GP win outright. And to get a course record is pretty cool too. I think my legs enjoyed the low volume this week and are looking forward to another one. I'm sure after VCM they will be back to hating me again. It was cool to see some of the CMS crew. As far as the team scoring, we did awesome. We took the team title and showed New England that CMS is a force to be reckoned with. We have a quality squad with enough depth to hang with the big dogs. We put three runners in the top ten. I am very proud to be a part of it. Jess took a video of the finish and here it is.


1 37:18 5:01 Justin Fyffe 30 M 329 CMS East Dummerst VT
New record. Old record 37:49.9 by Joseph Koech, Melrose, MA in 2009
2 38:10 5:08 Matthew Ely 34 M 423 BAA Natick MA
3 38:15 5:08 Mark Miller 29 M 428 BAA Keene NH
4 38:41 5:12 Nicholas Wheeler 24 M 502 ADIDAS Gorham ME
5 38:43 5:12 Bob Wiles 32 M 338 CMS Kittery ME
6 38:55 5:14 Michael Bunker 28 M 503 ADIDAS Rockland ME
7 38:57 5:14 Ben Schmeckpeper 27 M 429 BAA Charlestown MA
8 39:03 5:15 Ryan Carrara 33 M 195 NBB Hudson MA
9 39:04 5:15 Andy McCarron 27 M 536 CMS Keene NH
10 39:06* 5:15 Jim St Pierre 39 M 485 RUN Dracut MA


  1. Nice win! Drives me crazy to see someone running that hard on that direction on a track!

  2. Tell me about it. I almost took a wrong turn!

  3. Congrats on your first USATF GPS victory. Many more to come. Great run.

  4. Nice job on Saturday Justin. Good luck at VCM!