Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sep 12 - Sep 18

Mon - 10 miles easy in Putney (solo) 63 minutes
Tue - 6 miles am into work / 10 miles pm back home
Wed - 17 miles w/ track work
Thu - 15 miles pm Putney straight run solo / 5 miles late pm solo
Fri - 12 miles w/ track work
Sat - 25 miles (2:42:45)
Sun - 17 miles w/ trail "race" in Chesterfield

Total - 118 miles


  1. Fyffe 63 easy in putney those words don't make sense to me there is nothing easy about running in putney...nice run man!

  2. Justin- Thanks for running with me. Never saw you after the race but given how quickly you dropped me once back on course I imagine that if we hadn't gotten lost you could have come close to breaking the course record. Good luck at Hartford.

  3. Thanks man. You looked good too. Sorry for not being focused on the course. I should have known better.