Wednesday, September 28, 2011

4 x 2 Mile

Objective : 4 x 2 Mile

Recovery : 2 minute recovery

Keenyans : Just me today.  James and Clint were at Monadnock

Result :

10:02 / 9:56 / 9:54 / 9:52

Overview :  I got into my bag to change and realized that I had forgotten one of the most important things for a workout.  My watch!  I was so frustrated.  But thanks to the Android network I quickly downloaded a stopwatch app.  So, I did the whole workout with phone in hand.  Nobody called me though.  I don't think I would have answered anyway.  I think the workout went well and I have continued my streak of a good workout and then bomb a workout.  Because of everybodies schedule I was solo and had to muster all of my motivation, which is lacking at this point in the cycle.  Afterwards, I went to Andy's house for a great dinner (he and Tat just bought a house).  He just got hip surgery and has been absent from the normal Wednesday routine so it was really good to see him.  He will be back soon I hope.  Back to the roads!

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  1. didn't mark you for one of the "runners" who jogs around a track w/ a cellphone in are ready for Hartford...I wish that race was on local TV!