Thursday, September 8, 2011

2 x (4 x 800)

Objective : 2 x (4 x 800)

Recovery : 200 jog (80 secs) in between 8's and 800 jog (4 min.) in between sets

Result :

2:20 / 2:22 / 2:19 / 2:20
2:16 / 2:16 / 2:13 / 2:10

Overview :  I pushed back the normal Wednesday routine because I needed an extra day of recovery from Sunday in order to execute this workout properly.  Even though my half was painfully slow I know my effort was much greater than my time showed.  The humidity was miserable and I just couldn't get it on.  To be honest, my confidence was a little shaken up, but I know how my training is going and it just didn't add up.  I feel very good about this afternoon's session and have confidence in where things are.  My next big effort will be this Sunday's long run with some MP stuff mixed in.  I am hoping for some cool weather so I can tear up the roads.

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