Thursday, July 7, 2011

1 x Mile 7 x 400

Objective : 5 x mile (I revised it after one because I was flat and it was hot)

Recovery : 400 after mile and 200 after the quarters

Keenyans : Me, Greg, Andy, James, Brad, Boj, Jen, and Okel

Result :

4:43 / 70 / 69 / 64 / 62 / 69 / 67 / 66

Overview : I didn't feel very fresh during the warmup but wanted to try the miles. Sometimes my legs lie to me but not today. After the first mile I decided to finish up with some quarters. Everyone did a different workout today which was kind of fun. Andy, Greg, and I synched up for the last three quarters and ran together. I have gotten some confidence back after a good 4 mile race this past Monday. I am in full training mode and it is awesome. I hope to be feeling fast by Saturday so I can do a long tempo in Gilsum.

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