Wednesday, December 15, 2010

3 x 200 / 200 / 400

Objective : 3 x 200 / 200 / 400

Recovery : 200 jog after 2's and 400 jog in between sets

Keenyans : Me, Greg, James, Goupil, Brad, Boj, and Wilson Perez (Andy is under the weather. It is quite possible this is the first time in two years he has missed Wednesday)

Result :

31 / 29 / 65
28 / 28 / 62
27 / 26 / 64 (ouch !!!)

Overview : I went to Keene High Track a little early to check on the conditions. It was covered in snow and lanes one and two were trampled and iced over (probably from gym class). Fortunately for us we have Baker Street. I quickly passed the word and in no time we were all mustered at the Bank parking lot. We will reside here on Wednesday afternoons for the next few months. It is pretty fun to be running like fools down the middle of the road. The Keene State crew has wheeled and marked off every 200 meters so we can get good splits. I think most of us are going to BU this Saturday and wanted something short and sweet. It was pretty fast for me and after the third set of two's, I had all I could handle. I tied up so bad on the last one and it hurt. Bad. I loved it. The only thing cooler was seeing Greg fly by me in full combat mode and looking strong. I think he hit 62 on the last quarter. This indoor season is going to be a lot of fun. We all headed over to Armadillos afterwards and got some grub.

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  1. I'll give you credit: never before, in print or by the spoken word, have I come across the phrase "Fortunately, we have Baker St."

    Keep on keepin' on