Thursday, December 1, 2011

3 x 2000 w/ some Quarters

Objective : 3 x 2000 meters

Recovery : 400 jog

Keenyans : Me, Greg, Boj, James, Chris, Mark, Erik, and Brad

Result :

6:23 / 6:17 / 6:07

79 / 82 / 73

Overview :  Pretty good day.  Had a good group.  I think the workout was a good idea.  I want to build some aerobic base the next few weeks.  We finished before the other guys and I jumped in on some of their quarter repeats.  I had fun working with Brad.  He is tough and has a really good poker face.  I couldn't tell he was struggling until he crossed the line on the last repeat.  He has a good ability to hold form and stay loose when putting in a hard effort.  I wish I did.  When I am working my face tells all.  I still don't have a plan for the winter.  Went to Fritz Fries after and had fun as usual.


  1. Are you going to Jay Carisella (Reggie Lewis) this Saturday?

  2. No man. Not ready yet. How about you?