Monday, December 12, 2011

Drummer Hill Workout

Objective : 2 x mile / 4 x quarter / 4 x 200

Recovery : Full distance jog back down the hill

Keenyans : Me and Najem

Result :

5:53 / 5:52
62 / 69 / 66 / 64
28 / 29 / 29 / 28

Overview :  This was a very hard workout.  Keene State runners know much about the hill but I however did not.  I have done quarters on it before but never a full blown session.  Pete had a plan and was nice enough to include me.  It is good working out with him because we have strengths in different areas.  I seem to be a bit stronger on the longer intervals and he destroys me on the faster ones.  The only negative on the day was that someone stole our gear at the start.  We were only gone about 13 minutes and they took our stuff.  Those hat and gloves will never run as fast as they did before.  I will miss them.


  1. Nice workout man!! you gonna be at BU this weekend?

  2. Going to Killington this weekend. Later this month I will. You ?