Wednesday, October 6, 2010

800 / 600 / 200

Objective : 3 x 8/6/2 @ 5K / 3K / 1 mile pace

Recovery : Half time recovery / 400 jog in between sets

Keenyans : Me , Andy , Goupil , James, Clint, and Brad

Result :

2:26 / 1:41 / 29
2:19 / 1:40 / 28
2:18 / 1:37 / 27

Overview : My actual times are obviously not the target times. They are much slower. Just kidding they are faster. I think this is acceptable because I finished the workout. It was difficult, but I felt good today in the rain, and it has been months since I finished a good, hard, fast workout. At first Andy and I thought this workout would be easy. The short recovery tells a different story. Never judge a workout until it is over. Once we got into it we realized the work is really in the 600. The other stuff seemed comfortably hard. I am pleased with the results from this past weekend (26:50 five mile cross and 24:36 8K road) followed by today. I feel that I have turned a leaf and ready to get consistant, get fit, and rock some races.


  1. Awesome stuff!! Man, I wish I was in that neck of the woods. I need workouts like that!

  2. Me too! If you are ever around mid week we can make it happen.