Thursday, October 21, 2010

1 Mile / 800 / 400 / 200

Objective : 1 mile / 800 / 400 / 200

Recovery : Full time recovery of effort

Keenyans : Me, Boj, James, Clint, Goupil, Brad, Brent

Result :

4:22 / 2:11 / 58 / 26

Overview : I wanted to do a 3 x mile workout, fast, with full recovery. But my body did not know what happened after the first effort. It was the second fastest mile I have every done, so that had something to do with it. And, I don't think that I handle lactate very well (I am working on it). So I changed the goal on the fly, 600 meters into the second effort. I really want to run a fast 5K this winter and want to work on my wheels. This was a very intense session and I look forward to some more like it.


  1. Insane workout! 4:22, that is flying. You just got me really excited for indoors! I'll be at next Wednesdays workout, xc is done next week.

  2. Thanks. I want to kill indoor this season! Let the Bodies Hit the Floor!

  3. My jaw dropped when I saw that mile. Low 14's will be a piece of cake.