Sunday, March 28, 2010

Just Another Weekend

This was a great weekend with lots of good miles. I have finally kicked my cold and feel like my old (not that old) self again. Saturday, I raced Andy's 4.5 mile Fast Friends Race in Swanzey. It was a wicked challenging course, but fun. I was very impressed with Andy's race directing. You can tell when an experienced racer puts on their own event. There were plenty of restrooms, d.j., professional timing, and cool prizes (I got a gift card to Agway). I ran the race in 22:44 (avg 5:04) which I am pleased with (results). On Sunday, I met some of the crew at Greg's house in Chesterfield. We were going out for our first Pisgah outing of the year. We got in 20 miles of just about every surface imaginable and had an amazing time. Just another Keene weekend. I took some pictures and a video to show just how awesome the scenery is and juvenile the runners are.


  1. Good times... when are you gonna get mark his uniform?

  2. Working on it man, working on it.