Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Pyramid

Objective: 400/800/1200/1600/1200/800/400 @ 69 secs per quarter
Recovery: half of effort time to recover
Keenyans: Me, Greg, Pete, Boj, James, Dan
400 - 69
800 - 2:18
1200 - 3:27
1600 - 4:33
1200 - 3:25
800 - 2:14
400 - 60 (it was almost 61)

Overview: Before we started we were second guessing our recovery goal. It seemed pretty ambitious and overwhelming. In the end we figured we would give it a go and if we got in over our heads we would go back to the normal half distance jog recovery. I am extremely pleased with this work out, due to the fact that we hit half time recovery. I think it adds another element to the session. No matter what, you have to run faster than you want to when you are tired. And training with these guys is awesome. We all seem to have certain strengths that we can draw off of. Chasing a 1:50 half miler in a workout will make you faster on any day. I love it. Also, this was our first Wednesday as a group on a real track all year. Another plus. Well, back to solo miles for a couple of days.


  1. Wow, that's a $25,000 pyramid!

  2. Nice work out, Sorry i couldn't be there

  3. Hey, check out the last page of the New England Runner 2010 Road Race Calendar. There's a color picture with Andy at the Bradford Valentine 5 Miler. Plus he made it into this months NE Runner for top New Hampshire qualifiers for Boston. Hope to see you on Sunday.