Thursday, January 1, 2009

Hampster on a Wheel

I wimped out today and did my run in the wonderful comfort of my basement, on a treadmill. The weather here in E. Dummerston was 1 degree. This I can handle. The windchill dropped the temp down to -8 with gusts making it feel as low as -25 degrees. That's just too much. I totalled 10 miles today with virtually no incline. I figured I deserved a break from the unforgiving terrain I usually trot. I set the mill at 10mph, plugged in my MP3, and let her rip. I turned the music off after 30 minutes because I feel that the boredom of thread mill running is good for mental stamina. I like to think that practicing keeping my mind busy with no other stimulation helps give me the tools necessary to race well, especially in an Ultra Marathon. The 50K that I'm training for is 12 x 2.6 mile loops. This will get very boring. Anyway, I have 79 miles banked this week and feel relatively good. I will probably double tomorrow and take it easy Saturday because Sunday it's back to square one.

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  1. Are you gonna do the US 50k champs? You are really rockin' and rollin' man...I'm glad you're on our side now :)...