Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Smith College Track Meet

I finished the week with the Smith College Indoor Track Meet. This was the first indoor meet that I have ever competed in and it was pretty fun. It's kind of cool to have two firsts in one weekend. The other being the snowshoe race. I competed in the 1 mile and the 800 meters. I was unsure what to expect because of my high mileage (for me). I was pleasantly surprised to run the mile in 4:33 and the half in 2:12. I think that I can do both considerably faster if I focused on those distances. But that is not my plan right now. It's 50K or bust. My friend Mark Miller ran the mile in 4:18 and teammate Matt Clark ran it in 4:26. My Dad, 51 years old, ran a 67 second 400. He almost broke the age group record for the facility! Now he just has to do a bit of conditioning to get his mile time down. He completed his first legitimate timed mile in 5:49. Very impressive but a bit off par for someone who can run a 67 quarter. You may see him on some of the hills this summer in the USATF Mountain Circuit. I may go back next week to get in under 4:30. On another note, I heard back from Buzz Burrell and La Sportiva. I just picked out my first installment of mountain shoes, sized my Team 2009 uniform, and picked out some really cool gear from their associate sponsors (Ultimate Direction, Petzl, Julbo, Sugoi, and DeFeet). I am very excited about the upcoming mountain season and happy to be a part of the La Sportiva team (they have really good stuff).

Check out these cool sites:

I will also be keeping a team blog with La Sportiva and Sugoi Brand Champions throughout the year.

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