Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Yesterday I set out to do my fisrt double. I definately picked the wrong day to start. My day job schedule requires me to be at work at 5am. So in order to run there I have to be laced up and out the door by 4:20. It is 6 miles door to door on a very boring trip South on Route 5. The interesting part about it was the dark,the unexpecting motorists, and the -8 degreee temp. That's right -8 degrees. Once I thawed out and did some work, I got to don my shoes once again. This time for one of the more beautiful runs in Brattleboro, VT. Up and over Black Mtn and into Dummerston. The total milage home is 13 miles (the longer way). I averaged 6:15 pace bewtween my two runs. The second addition was 968ft ascent with a max grade of 6%. I have to admitt that I am a bit sore today. I am not used to a 19 mile mid week day but hope to continue my schedule. Today will be much more relaxing. I'm thinking 5-8 miles EASY.

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