Monday, December 29, 2008

16 Miler

Well, it's over. Josh Ferenc, Greg Hammett, and I conquered 16 of the most difficult miles in Putney. They were nice enough to meet me at my house because I am the only one with a day job this week. Josh and Greg are both middle school teachers and have the week off. I didn't fill them in on my plan of 15 to 16 miles until they showed up. First of all none of us wanted to go that far. But because of man pride nobody wanted to be the one to say they couldn't hang. We headed out North on Houghton Brook Road and into Putney. We had two major climbs of about 7% grade or more. This wasn't your normal road run. In all we battled 1100ft of elevation. After, due our low blood sugar we headed over to the Putney CO-OP and had some sandwiches, chips, and Berkshire 22 ouncers (Josh opted out of the beers). We hope to get together again this Wednesday, mabe for a shorter distance.

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  1. Excellent work man! I wish I was closer so I could bang some of the miles with you... Josh ran awesome this past weekend....very strong up front and all by himself...I wish I could have helped him push a little bit, but the fitness just isn't there yet... Good luck w/ your high week!