Wednesday, December 24, 2008

21 Miler in Putney VT

Aside from being chased down by a pitbull I had an excellent run. I had no choice but to kick at him and yell to get him to back down. It was one of the more scary attacks I have been involved in without actually being bitten. Next time I do this route I am going to bring some spray. Anyway, my run starts out at relatively low elevation and peaks out at mile 10. I felt that the weather was mild and easy to run in if you don't mind getting muddy. I love getting muddy. My total ascent today was 1319 ft with a max grade of 7%. I averaged 6:28 per mile and feel pretty good about my effort (I dropped a 5:21 mile at mile 20). I plan on doing a group run tomorrow for about 12miles. Next week I will try to partake in my first snowshoe race.

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