Monday, December 29, 2008

100 miles

I am going to attempt to post my first 100 mile week. I feel increasing my milage will help my performances a great deal this upcoming year. I have already got 21 miles in the bank. Today I am getting together with Josh Ferenc and Greg Hammett for what I hope to be 15. Here is my schedule:
Sun- 21 miles
Mon-15 miles
Tue- 12x400 meter repeats with 2.5 warmup and 1.5 cool down (7 total miles)
Wed-6 miles in the am and 13 miles pm (19 miles)
Thu- 5 miles am 10 miles pm (15 miles)
Fri- 5 miles am 10 miles pm (15 Miles)
Sat-2 mile warmup; 4 mile snoeshoe race; 2 mile cool down (8 miles)

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